Why A Section Called “Projects”

Talk is Cheap

Everybody says they want to lose weight and take control of their health but most of us do not ever do either.


Almost everybody who is genuine in their concern about their future says they want to make better use of their time – but very few of us ever put systems in place to ensure we stay on track.


I know what it's like to have all the information and yet not have the motivation needed to pursue many things.

Why Projects?

Remember the aim of MaximizeMyLife.com is about encouraging people to seek and enjoy meaningful moments and to work at accomplishing meaningful things. A task which must be done, alongside a generally rigorous life.


To effectively accomplish anything of value in some instances, planning will be paramount. That is why I encourage projects. Set blocks on a calendar dedicated to one particular thing, so as to safeguard the quality of the experience.


How Does This Section Work?

Knowing my propensity to disregard my own research and advice I intend to involve you as I seek to pursue some endeavors that are meaningful to me. The aim here is to put research and knowledge into action.


1. The projects I will pursue are spin-offs of what I discuss in the other categories, like “fitness” and so forth. Once I have discussed an issue in one of those categories, I may want to act upon the research. The projects may not always be related to a prior article, but more they will generally be related to one of the categories (productivity, mind & spirit, fitness, impact etc.).


2. You can do much more than read about what I’m doing though. Where my projects are in line with what you want to accomplish in your own life. You can join me! I will respond to your feedback and we can all accomplish what we desire with our lives.


Are there any goals in your life that you keep overlooking due to a ‘lack of time’ and so forth that you may be better able to accomplished if you focused on it as a project?


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