When She Holds Your Hand

You are probably holding much more than you imagine. In fact – I bet you are.

When you hold her hand, you really shouldn’t believe that it’s just that – holding hands. Just hands touching, swinging in the wind and no more.  Unless that is all that it is, then it’s probably not all that it is. Know what I mean?Nobody teaches us these things – sadly, we learn by trials and the pain of errors. You don’t have to.

Just remember: when she gives you her hand to hold – she is saying something. She is asking something. Moreover, when she holds your hand – whatever you may think (or not think) – she is hearing something. Your hand is saying something and you don’t even know how loudly it screaming!

So, before you decide to hold her hand (or allow her to hold your hand – same thing) or whatever small act you share that says more than it suggests – approach it like a child crossing the street.

Stop. Look. Listen. You could save yourself (and everybody else) much pain.

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