When It Comes to Chocolate, the Smaller the Package, the Greater the Danger!

How the packaging of chocolate and other candies affect how much we actually consume.

You thought that by purchasing the minis you were actually being responsible. Starving the old sweet tooth and ensuring effective portion control. You thought wrong. In fact, unless you want to eat nothing but sweets – you should avoid mind the minis.

If you've decided to cut back on chocolate and other candy (perhaps as part of your fitness plan) you may want to avoid minis. Research shows that they actually cause us to eat more, not less. Photo by Nomadic Lass

According to University of Alberta researcher Jennifer Argo’s in a fairly recently published study in the Journal of Marketing – you and I are inclined to eat way more chocolate and other candies than we think we are eating when they come disguised in smaller packages.

We All Get Tricked by the Wrappers

While you may be the boss at resisting big bars of Cadbury, the smaller the packaging, the weaker your resistance.

No one buys just one Reese's mini. Photo by reway2007

The reason, as Argo highlighted, is that no really buys one Reese’s mini. No, “in reality, small packaged goods are often sold in multiples.”

“These consumers are basically saying, ‘this package is going to protect me; it’s going to help me achieve my goal,’ and so they relinquish control to the package,” she said. “They throw up their hands and say, ‘I don’t have to worry because the package is taking care of everything for me.’ As soon as they’ve given up initial control, they have no control to deal with that next package that’s presented to them.”

Fight Back

If it really matters, here are two things you can do to safely have a treat when you want without losing your self-control.

1. Buy the regular sized snack.

According to Argo, regular-sized package snacks combined with good portion control offer a much better value than the minis. In fact, the switch may “not only reduce calories, but also save money as well.”

2. If you buy minis, be conscious as you chew.

Check the packaging to see the nutritional value of each mini. Take one at a time. Be mindful of how many you have eaten already.

I hope this has been a successful intervention.

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All the best as you start the week. I hope that today will be better than yesterday, but worst than tomorrow (and that it will continue that way all week). Go. Be. Do.

Why are you trying to limit your chocolate intake? Do you buy minis all the time?





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