What To Give A Special Girl for Christmas? 7 Things Every Man Should Know

Only 4 shopping days left for Christmas! If there’s a girl out there who is special to you, Christmas is probably one of the best times to show her how you feel.

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More important than finding “the right gift,” in my view, is ensuring that you don’t find the wrong one.  As you go dipping into your treasuries to spend money you don’t have for that one you wish to keep, you may want to consider the following.

1. Buy something that says something good about you.

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Giving a gift to a girl has everything to do with you, first and foremost. The only reason you’re giving her a gift is because of the relationship – otherwise she’d be like any other girl. You must therefore recognize that the gift will show her the type of man you are – romantic, thoughtful, interested, or detached, inconsiderate, and uninterested.

While this may seem selfish, keep in mind that the best thing you could give to a girl who seriously cares about you is real confirmation that you’re worth keeping. Make sure the gift screams “keeper!”

 2. Buy something that says just what you are ready and willing to say, and no more

You do not need to encourage a woman’s wild imagination. You do not want to encourage the idea of more than you’re willing to commit to. So, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR GIFT SAYS!

For example, relationship experts agree that jewellery says “I think you’re significant, and I’m here for the long haul.” So, you don’t want to give a girl you’re still iffy about, a genuine diamond ring or necklace.

3. Buy something you thought about

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This is the major issue. A girl can get it wrong, but for the most part, a balanced girl can assess the effort you put into her gift long before you present it. Thoughtfulness is shown in:

  • The ResearchDid you make any effort to find out what she may like, or what may be useful to her?
  • The GiftShe can’t fault it for being generic – diamond rings are generic too and I don’t hear women complain about those much. Is the gift of reasonable quality and value? That’s the real question.
  • The PackageThe job is not complete – you must ensure it is properly wrapped, and looks presentable. If she’s one of those OCD types – remember to be extra neat!
  • The Timing (and overall execution of the actual giving): Was it an afterthought? This will show up in the timing – that Christmas gift that comes on the 29th does not show proper planning. Ideally you want to get it to her on the morning of Christmas (or just before).

4. Buy something she can show off

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This means, it must meet all the other criteria. She’s not going eagerly show off your gift if it’s clear to anyone who sees the sloppily wrapped, drab and unimaginative thing that you hurriedly picked it up at a thrift shop.

5. Buy something that suits her tastes

It’s not about what you like! Is she a reader? Then fire-up her Kindle – but please, don’t get your loopy, dizzy girl a book because you “found it a good read.”

Is she a fashion queen? She’ll love the right set of earrings. Think about her. You really shouldn’t get an artsy girl the same thing you’d get a corporate girl.

6. Buy something she’ll be excited to use

You want her to be excited about what you gave. Few things are as exciting for girls like a good spa package.

 7. Buy something that makes sense for the season

Christmas Day isn’t Valentine’s Day. Take the time and effort to find something that the girl truly wants and will appreciate. That’s what we’ve desired at Christmas (a special, personal gift).

Question: Have you ever had to shop for someone special for  Christmas? What advice would you give?

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2 thoughts on “What To Give A Special Girl for Christmas? 7 Things Every Man Should Know”

  1. I take him with me when I’m going shopping for my family. He’s bound to see something he likes, and he’ll point it out and I’ll double back and get it for him.  I like this method because after eye shopping, it feels great to get that something you didn’t think you would actually own.

    1. That is actually a very decent idea. Walk by the store and say “hmmm, that looks nice. What do you think?” Get a response. Sum up where the persons mind is. Great idea. Andrew M. WILDES

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