We Need Your Discontent

Do you not know that?

You who feel so passionate about the nonexistent intellectual rights protection of the long shot primary school dropout turned reggae artiste with a hit song (KJF).

You who feel so passionate about how and why all the girls of a certain hue and tone are engaged before 21, while “the others,” equally kind, warm and gorgeous, just not as “clear”  must be made to feel they are not as dear.

You who feel so passionate about the harsh treatment of animals, the lack of laws against environmental abuse, both the poor education and the mis-education of an entire generation…

Yes, you.  Why have you been so quiet? Why do you seem so intent on allowing the noise of the passionately indifferent smother you?

Your discontent, like pain in the body, is the only sign we have that there is still someone left who hasn’t grown numb and stopped caring.

Never forget, If you still see so much awry that you just want to scream, until someone responds, until the loud laughter is changed to candid conversation, until you see hope coming in a clear and unmistakable way… we still need your discontent.

Why have you been so quiet?





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