Want to Try Something New For 30 Days? Here are 50+ Ideas!

Everybody has seen the TED talk by Matt Cutts on how he improved his quality of life by simply deciding to try “Something New for 30 Days“. Its less than 6 minutes (WATCH IT).

Tomorrow, the start of a new month is the perfect time for you to undertake such a project (even if you don’t start tomorrow – still try).

You would be amazed at how your life may be impacted if you actually do start or stop doing ONE THING, consciously, for 30 days. You could improve your healthy, form a new habit, break an old habit, learn a subject, get closer to family and friends and much more.

No Clue What to Do

I am sure that you are open to trying something new for a period. The problem, I think for most people, is that they have no clue what to stop or start doing. Now that is absolutely understandable because the options are limitless.

How To Come Up With Your Own Ideas

If you wanted to come up with your own ideas a simple method would be to list each department of your life – you will begin to recognize how complex we all are (health, education, spirituality, love and sexuality, family, friends, finances, career, talents, fashion, social media, and much more).

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and break down all those broad categories into smaller groups, if you want (under education, you could have, “formal”, “informal” and so forth).

Finally, list, under each major area and sub-area, 5 to 10 things you would like to stop or start doing for just 30 days.

Try This List

If you can’t bother making your own list (though I strongly suggest you do so), here are some 50 + things you could try.

For the next 30 days you can:

  1. Go to bed earlier or wake up earlier or sleep later than you used to.

  2. Fast from Fast-Food.

  3. Become a vegetarian.

  4. Go full out vegan.

  5. Stretch (do yoga without the chanting).

  6. Drink only water.

  7. Walk everywhere (as much as is possible).

  8. Take public transport.

  9. Cut salt and/or sugar from your diet.

  10. Pause and breathe deeply for about 5 minutes every (2) hour(s).

  11. Call a different member of your extended family.

  12. Write a little note to a friend each day telling them one thing you love, respect, treasure and admire about them – why you value their existence.

  13. Make sure to complement someone for something they say, do or wear

  14. Read the newspaper (all the sections) and listen to the news

  15. Spend a few minutes consciously thinking about someone you love

  16. Pick up litter that others drop inside your building.

  17. Go without Facebook [deactivate account] (I dare you!).

  18. Start using Twitter!

  19. Work on your Google + account.

  20. Watch nothing but local programming.

  21. Switch ALL your restaurants and supermarkets.

  22. Make sure to carry spare change for beggars.

  23. Actually listen to whoever you talk to – Zone in, full eye contact, blocking out everything else, and undivided attention.

  24. Go live with your grandma, aunt, or friend.

  25. Read something unrelated to work for 15 minutes a day.

  26. Read a story from a blog, website way out of your normal range (boating or shoemaking).

  27. Write a poem daily.

  28. Give a soliloquy every morning.

  29. Do a drawing or painting (whether or not you’re artistic).

  30. Watch a TED talk (online).

  31. Make SURE to do a good deed.

  32. Sing a song you love (in the shower perhaps) from start to end.

  33. Stop talking altogether (like John Francis).

  34. Keep a journal.

  35. Read one or more chapters of your bible.

  36. Dedicate a time to prayer (and actually pray!).

  37. Share your faith for 5 minutes.

  38. Listen to a sermon (online).

  39. Cut all violent, sexual, self-centred, unedifying music from your diet.

  40. Wake for sunrise.

  41. Watch the sunset.

  42. Commit to learning as much as you possible can from, about, and with one real person you admire.

  43. Floss.

  44. Shine your shoes.

  45. Quit swearing.

  46. Take multivitamins.

  47. Study the latest publications in your field.

  48. Say good morning, good evening and all that to people you pass daily.

  49. Read the headlines 3 of the top major financial blogs.

  50. Save half of what you use to spend on lunch.

  51. Make lunch from home.

  52. Research a major field for future investment.

  53. Read and Re-Read the posts here. at www.maximizemylife.com and www.moneymax101.com.



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