It’s Time to Change Your Attitude Towards Exercise

Some of you like Deemi did not read my post on how to keep the holidays from ruining your life. Now the holidays are over, and you are all fat (I put on ten pounds!).

by Carolyn_Sewell

Moments Like These

Well, don’t worry. All our lives are a cycle. There are rich festive holiday moments of eating chicken, pork, ice cream and fruitcake all in one sitting. Yum!

Then there are moments like these.

Moments when, to get your weight back to a reasonable size you and I will need to make some serious changes.

Perfect Time for A Permanent Plan?

by phatcontroller

But wait. Let’s think beyond your immediate cosmetic concerns.

With the rich inspiration a new year brings for serious commitments to change, wouldn’t you agree that now is the perfect time to consider a fitness regimen that will last?

Here are four reasons you may want to consider changing the way you do fitness:

1.       What happened to you this holiday is going to happen again in Easter, the summer, and again Christmas this and every other year until you start to face serious physical issues that you don’t know how to address.

2.      Countless people, from President Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Branson even pastors like John Piper have spoken over and over about the incredible benefits of a exercising on a regular basis. Forget about your belly and bum – exercises boosts your productivity, self esteem and daily quality of life.

3.       Even if you aren’t fat or currently suffering from any health disorders, you may be, through your parents and grandparents, predisposed to a whole bunch of junk like hypertension, diabetes, even cancer.

4.       Yes! You are young. The fact is, however, more and more “young people” are being diagnosed with incredibly serious and deadly illnesses.

Don’t believe me? In England, “Obesity and lack of exercise are blamed for the 120 per cent rise in cases of (bowel cancer) among under-30s between 1997 and 2006.

Bowel Cancer In England (and everywhere else?)

You should read the full story. Here are some highlights:

1.      Half of the people who are diagnosed with bowel cancer die – that’s 16,000 people. It’s the second biggest cause of cancer deaths in England.

2.      Professor Will Steward, a bowel cancer expert from Leicester Royal Infirmary, warned that the number of cases was likely to continue to increase.

3.    What you eat matters:

 “The World Cancer Research Fund warns eating processed meat…significantly raises the chances of developing bowel cancer. Red meat also raises the risk slightly. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish and whole grains can cut the risk. Taking regular exercise and giving up smoking are also thought to reduce the chances of getting bowel cancer.”

In Jamaica the highest causes of cancer are prostate, lung and then bowel. Every one of these are related to our lifestyle.

That means, how you live, what you do and don’t do (like eating without thought, smoking, not exercising and so forth) play a huge role in what will eventually kill you.

It’s Time

by alancleaver_2000

So, we are agreed. It’s time to work at the holiday belly.

Beyond that, it’s time for you to consider how you can develop a PERSONAL culture, a routine of fitness for YOUR OWN life that will last for years to come and protect you from sickness and disease.

No matter what age you are right now, it’s never too early (one day it could be too late) to consider serious changes that may improve the quality and length of your life.

Let me know what you think. Please:

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  1. I quite like this!!! I’m compelled to make a positive change! Alas, my weight loss regime needs to be thrown out the window  ( Check it out please – and i really need to get going with those exercises! You might be 90lbs or 190 lbs but exercise is still critical!

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