The One Thing You Should NOT Do At the Gym

….is (always) do just one thing at the gym.

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Sure, sometimes we need to focus. Just arms today. I’m not talking about focusing on individual muscle groups in a strategic and planned way. No, I am talking about the habit of only doing the bench press or only doing curls or, like the little cartoon lady, only using the calf machine all the time, because that is all you like or know (or are comfortable with, because you’ve pretty much grown accustomed to it).

Get to Know the Body

For your information, there are many critical muscle groups that you may be overlooking right now. In my article on how to create your summer fitness plan  I gave a list of muscle groups that guys should work at, and a similar list for females. For your own health and appearance, you need to be balanced-looking.

To get to the next level, you may need to learn new things. I suggest you start with the lingo – get to know the names of the different muscles you have, for yourself.

Getting to Great

Your mission to make the most of your body will require you to

1) know the body;

2) know what exercises are necessary to build each area of the body; and to

3) know how best to execute those exercises.

[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]This webpage has one of the very best overviews of the different muscle groups, and the workouts to target them. It’s all in a table so easy to scan and digest![/highlight]

Finally, to ensure you always strike hard at a wide array of muscle groups consistently, again, you will need to plan. Go get it.

I wish you all the best in your endeavor. TGIF! Enjoy your weekend.

Do you have a balanced workout program?





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