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What To Give A Special Girl for Christmas? 7 Things Every Man Should Know

December 21, 2011
by DailyPic

Only 4 shopping days left for Christmas! If there’s a girl out there who is special to you, Christmas is probably one of the best times to show her how you feel. More important than finding “the right gift,” in my view, is ensuring that you don’t find the wrong one.

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Don’t Be A Sloppy Slob: The Top 6 Areas A Woman Should Never Neglect (Girl 11)

December 6, 2011
Crash! | Louish Pixel

Girl #11, affectionately known as the Sloppy Slob. If your mind automatically races to some 'hideous' monstrosity of a woman – you may be wrong. Her issue is not beauty, it’s a complete lack of care, about her body image.

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9 Signs To Prove She’s A “Get Me There” Girl! (Girl 10)

December 5, 2011
Don't Be Her Taxi-Man, Man | tibchris

She wants more than anything else in life for the who’s-who of society to think she’s significant. The who’s-who all have husbands though, so she needs a man. Further, if she’s going to be regular feature on the social pages, she doesn’t need just any man, she needs a winner. She’s heading somewhere, and she needs a taxi. She looks intently for a lawyer, banker or pilot and when she finds him, she jumps into his life (and pockets) with…

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6 Reasons Not To Be This Girl That Nobody Can Stand (Girl 9)

December 2, 2011
Fed Up (Thanks Shermeee)

The aim of this series is to communicate, as clearly as is possible the things some women do that men find unbearable. I must talk therefore about the girl with a pinch of pretty but a pound of attitude, who sadly, is much too common these days.

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Hey Miss “I Think I’m Ohh Soo Pretty” – I have 3 Words For You! (Girl 8)

December 1, 2011
I Think I'm Ohh Sooo Pretty (and you're right)

This is a warning to all you beautiful girls who having looked in your mirror once too often, and heard “ohh your so pretty” just too many times, now think that they are doing every man a favour by their existence. Yes you actually are beautiful, but here Are 6 Reasons Why We Think You Should Just "Get Over Yourself".

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You Don’t Have To Be Kim Kardashian to Get a Guy (Just stop being a GERIATRIC). (Girl 7)

November 30, 2011
You Don't Have To Be KIM

The aim is not to keep up with Kim Kardashian’s fashion or be the female equivalent of Evel Knievel. The point, simply put; be conscious of your choices. You have a right to do what makes you comfortable – no buts. That’s your right.

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Avoid Her At All Cost: 6 Signs The Girl is A Psycho! (Girl 6)

November 29, 2011
Death On Her Tongue.

Luke Jameson* is dead. After a short intense period of piercing headaches, convulsions, diarrhea, vomiting, and a coma. What Really Happened? It looked like cholera, but that was unlikely – no one else country had it. Arsenic poisoning was just as wild a guess. The good old pathologist wanted to sleep however. Natural causes it is. Luke’s mother however is not convinced. Mrs. Jameson is certain that one person is to be blamed – a 23 year old medical sciences…

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Do Guys Think You Are An Emotional Burden? (Test Your Yourself) (Girl 5)

November 28, 2011
Oh No! She Killed Joy.

Just think of the sun baked chameleon played by Johnny Depp as he made his way across the desert in the opening scenes of the movie Rango. Like the sun in an endless dessert saps all the life and energy from everything in sight, so this girl uses the commanding rays of her unstable emotions to kill all the pleasure and excitement inside a man’s life. You are almost certainly a Kill-Joy if you are:

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My Least Favorite Girl Plus A Must See Video!

November 26, 2011
ScreenHunter_06 Nov. 26 06.41

Today We Watch A Video (from Trinidad)!  But first, I hope you’ve been enjoying the series so far. (I know I’ve been). 4 Down and 11 to Go! My favorite line so far has been from the embarrassing woman: As she reaches for the soup spoon in strident protest that she’s not use to eating meat with a fork, the man asks God, while trying to hold back the tears, “Lord, why do bad things happen to good people?” Your favorite article (based…

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Top 5 Signs You’re A Boring Girl & 2 Major Reasons Men Avoid You (Girl 4)

November 25, 2011

“I am so much prettier than her! What does he see in her? Me? Boring? What could he possibly mean?” It means you are so “uninteresting as to cause mental weariness” (ouch)(Am H). Being with you, in the words of Shakespeare, is as “tedious as a twice-told tale”. (To steal a line from a friend) you are as interesting as spending an entire Sunday evening watching freshly poured concrete harden.

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