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The Real Reasons You Should Care A Little More About Your Body (Now!)

February 3, 2013
Do you find that you are always just too tired to do the Things That Matter? It may be ow you treat your body. Everyone, but especially young adults, need to be conscious of how we treat this most critical tool. | Photo by by anieto2k

Forget the superficial fluff - there are real reasons besides wanting to look good on the beach, why (especially as a young adult) you need to make the well-being of your body a central priority.

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So What If Everyone Thinks 2013 Will Be A Horrible Year?

January 6, 2013
How about we work to Make 2013 a Stand Out year – a year of uncommon exploits, never to be forgotten?

"At the end of a bad year, you may find yourself more aged but no more mature; older but not wiser; bigger but not stronger; a head and shoulder taller than everyone around you, but not an inch more elevated in their eyes and estimation."

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“Stop Trying to Be Deep”

April 16, 2012
Photo by PropagandaTimes

Amazingly, you doing better things (stepping out, getting stronger and being progressive) will actually be annoying to some people. Having not gotten the memo that life has moved on, that tomorrow is already here, they will abuse you for being productive, for being diligent and most of all, for being different. “Stop trying to be deep!” “Stop trying to be so smart.” “Why are you wasting your time reading that book – what’s in it for you?” I want to…

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Want to Try Something New For 30 Days? Here are 50+ Ideas!

October 31, 2011
Calendar 4

Everybody has seen the TED talk by Matt Cutts on how he improved his quality of life by simply deciding to try “Something New for 30 Days“. Its less than 6 minutes (WATCH IT). Tomorrow, the start of a new month is the perfect time for you to undertake such a project (even if you don’t start tomorrow – still try).

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