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Smart People Read Smart Blogs – Be Smart!

Why You Should Read More Blogs (Plus! How to Find the Best Ones)

Most of the people I know treat the internet like a toy. Like the owner of a 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – the “fastest, most powerful road car” Ferrari has ever built – who never takes it on the highway.

Preview of the 2013-Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, an amazing machine! The fastest, most powerful road car ever created by Ferrari. It (like the internet) deserves to be driven, taken to its full capacity - not left to languish in a garage. | Photo by Motor Trend Magazine

Don’t do that. There is so much more to the internet than Facebook, your local newspaper, Twitter, the a few other usual suspects. The internet presents one of the greatest opportunities for you to broaden your mind, your reach, your influence. The internet can make you rich. You just need to learn to use it. Continue reading Smart People Read Smart Blogs – Be Smart!