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Is Everything Alright In Your Heart?

One Question You Should be Asking Yourself and Those You Care About.

[dropcap style=”1″ size=”3″]D[/dropcap]o not fool yourself. What matters most in your life today is not your age, your race, your class, your upbringing or your address – per se. What matters most is not your membership in a church or any religious sect, your level of educational attainment, the size of your professional network or your overall net worth.

The heart of the matter, of every matter in your life today, is the matter of the heart. Either what is going on in your heart, or the hearts of those around you. Open your eyes to the fact that things do not “just happen” | Photo by Alfonsina Blyde »

What matters most today in your life is what is going on inside your heart.  Life is not about what you have learnt in school or think you know – it is about what you value. Not what you think you value, but what really consumes you.

To miss this, is to think you are heading West, when in fact you are heading East.

The Heart is the Issue

I am currently doing my legal internship – doing criminal defence work. As I attend court and observe the gory details in each case – the more I realize how driven people are by what they “feel”, what they “want”, what they think “should have been theirs.”

It is the same with you and I. Your good and bad actions are not the result of your birth month or sign. It all comes from what we call the heart. That is why I love Andy Stanley‘s question “Is everything alright in your heart?”

What is Your Heart?

Oxford struggles to define heart in a way helpful to us. They come closest when they say it is “the central or innermost part of something.” The bible constantly refers to the heart – the definition there refers to the “inner man”, the mind and will.

These are huge philosophical concepts that can easily bog you down. Nobody knows where the heck the mind is. Don’t let that bother you.

Just note, that according to Andrew Wildes, your heart is what makes you do stupid or smart things, saintly or sinful things. It is the very centre, the deepest most significant part of who you are. What exist when you put all your emotions, desires, thoughts and intentions together.

Your Heart is Not Your Brain

Your brain knows it’s not best to eat ice cream at night. Your heart thinks/feels/ strongly that you deserve/need/should have ice cream now.

Your brain knows to answer that call is going to ruin your day. Your heart just wants to hear that voice or thinks that today will be the day when things are different, or just cannot say no.

Your Heart Needs Guarding

My favourite book, the book of Proverbs says Guard your heart above all else (or with all diligence/vigilance) because it determines the very course of your life. It calls the heart the “wellspring” of life – the very source from which all actions flow.

Interrogate Your Heart

We know what it is. Why it needs guarding. This is what I urge you to do: question yourself regularly.

If you haven’t recognized – most of the post on this blog are aimed at getting you to interrogate yourself about yourself. Why? To encourage you to get to the heart of your life. You can easily do it to your closest friends too.

Here are some of the question that Andy Stanley asks about this. I think they form a good foundation for you to build on.

1. Is everything ok in your heart.

2. Are you mad at anyone?

3. Are you waiting around for someone to come to you to make things right?

4. Have you had any extended imaginary conversations with anyone lately?”

5. Do things come out of your mouth on a regular basis that you have to apologize for?

6. Have you secretly celebrated someones failure?

7. Anything going on you hope no one discovers?

8. Is there a question you hope no one ever asks you?

9. Have you lied recently to someone you love?

Do you make a habit of interrogating your heart?.