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Summer-Body? Create Your Fitness Goals In 6 Simple Steps!

April 13, 2012
by sara | b.

Touching my legs, after just reading Oswald Chambers on the value of casting our burdens on God, I prayed for my shins, Achilles tendon and all the parts of my leg that started acting up yesterday when I ran out way too fast before I was fully warmed. Enthusiasm to work out so strong that you just must mention it even when you pray – it’s a sign of a man with a plan. I have just finished drafting my…

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Everything You Need to Get a Flat Tummy this Summer

January 30, 2012
Timing is Everything! | by Theen ...

Hey newsflash my friend, the trick to having a flat stomach just in time for the summer beach trip is to start before summer arrives. That is why this article is important. Another key factor is to approach your weight loss the right way. When it comes to getting a flat stomach, the right way has a lot to do with sweating and very little to do with lifting weights or doing a million crunches.

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    MaximizeMyLife Is the BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG of 2012!