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She’s Just Too Desperate (Girl 1)

Everybody told her “if you don’t get a man while you’re in college (before you’re 23, before your clock runs out, before all the men you know get married, before this, before that) then you will most certainly die!”

The result is a poor misguided girl who, sadly, cruel men joke about to their friends. Eventually, the few genuinely interested guys often end up utterly disappointed, or bored or annoyed.

Here are 4 of her defining features: Continue reading She’s Just Too Desperate (Girl 1)

It’s Not Me, It’s You: 15 Women That Make Love Absolutely Unbearable for Men.

Thanks Spekulator

It’s not me, it’s definitely you: 15 Women That Make Love Absolutely Unbearable for Men.

Are you one of them?

Ladies! On Monday the 21st of November, I’ll be commencing a new series here that I hope you will find both interesting and informative.

Maximize My Life is about you and I investing in experiences that will add lasting value to our lives and the lives of those in our communities. I believe that a loving, committed, monogamous relationship is one such investment. (Seriously, I do!)

This series is therefore created to help women who want to make such an investment understand – from a male’s perspective – what to absolutely, positively NOT do.

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