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How to Solve the Listening Problem

July 24, 2012
“Why don’t men just shut up and listen??” Is what most women seem to be saying in magazines, movies and music. Men think they listen just fine. Maybe we are missing something – what exactly women want men to listen to, and how they want men to respond | Photo by paladinsf

How does a man get out of the "he just does not listen" box? Will simply trying to "listen more" be enough? What exactly makes a man a great listener anyway?

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‘First Impressions Last’…Because We Are Stupid

June 26, 2012
An impression is "an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence." Obviously it cannot be sensible to base our relationships on something so shallow. | Photo by Adam Foster | Codefor

How can it make sense to decide who will be significant in our lives based on a single impression or encounter with them? It obviously cannot.

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Tell Mr. Lonely – The Best Place to Find A Girl These Days

May 28, 2012
The world we live in today is so different. There are many ways to interact digitally and now research shows that building a relationship virtually may not be a waste of time. Women find it easier to express themselves online. | Photo by khalid Albaih

Why social media may be a godsend for men who love shy women. Plus 6 guidelines for how to build great relationships online without offending others.

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Marriage Looking Doubtful? Please Choose Option # 3.

May 7, 2012
Some people, probably you, will choose (or be forced) to go the long journey of life alone. Single or alone does not necessarily mean lonely, sad and unsuccessful however.   | Photo by Craig Sefton

What should your life look like if you never get married (or it takes forever to happen)? Here is an uncommon perspective on how to view and respond to a life of singleness.

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FYI Ladies: The Men Most Likely to Propose Are 30 and Older

January 27, 2012
Sometimes its about how you play your cards! | erin MC hammer

I’ve heard countless females complain about how distressed they are that when it comes to serious relationships, the men in their circle are a bunch of jokers.  Many only find out after already investing way too much time, energy and interest that their Mr. Right has absolutely no plans to seriously commit or marry. Well, if you don’t want to waste your time, it would help to know in advance which group of guys are least likely to settle and…

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6 Needs A Man Has That She’s Totally Clueless About (Girl 15 of 15)

December 12, 2011

When a man is asked, “How do you feel about her?” The “ahhhhm,” “she’s...alright,” “she’s pretty...I give her that” – is often just men’s inarticulate way of saying “I just don’t know if she gets me...understands what I to treat a man.”

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5 Blunders that Will Make Him Question If You’re Serious. (Girl 14)

December 9, 2011
5 Blunders that Will Make Him Question If You’re Serious. (Girl 14)

How do your best-friends and Exs affect your relationship?

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The Real Problem With Big Belly Girls – Plus 4 Reasons Why Men Love Miss Kitty (Girl 13)

December 8, 2011

Women everywhere are deadly afraid of gaining weight and its primarily because they assume men will perceived them negatively. How much though does an extra pound of fat on your belly or body really weigh on a man’s brain? What is the real problem with the big belly (or body) girl?

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The Girl You Never Had – 3 Reasons (Sensible) Men Stop Chasing Her (Girl 12)

December 7, 2011
Remember the Groom?

Want to chop your nightly sleep time from 8 hours to 4? Looking for a safe, quick route to depression? How about a low cost way to bleed your heart out? If you answered yes then I have just what you need! May I interest you in a girl whose smile will entice you, whose eyes will arrest you, whose hands will show you kindness like you’ve never seen – but who is secretly, subconsciously in love with someone else?

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Don’t Be A Sloppy Slob: The Top 6 Areas A Woman Should Never Neglect (Girl 11)

December 6, 2011
Crash! | Louish Pixel

Girl #11, affectionately known as the Sloppy Slob. If your mind automatically races to some 'hideous' monstrosity of a woman – you may be wrong. Her issue is not beauty, it’s a complete lack of care, about her body image.

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