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Are My Goals Really SMART? (Help me re-evaluate, please.)


I have been writing on how to use planning to achieve big goals – you should check out the other articles in the series. I recently shared with you my TOP 5 plans for the next 6 months and I thought it would be helpful for you if we analyzed one of my goals together, to see if it is S.M.A.R.T. Hopefully, this analysis will help you in making your own plans.

My TOP 6 Plans for the next 6 Months!

I am wierd

I hope that you will be inspired to be weird too or at least, feel comfortable enough to pursue meaningful things with shameless zeal.
The fact is, we all have our own favorite colors and television shows. Two sisters grow up in the same house and one hates every lizard, ant, bug and bee, while her sister’s passionately trains to become an entomologist. We are all uniquely weird and I accept my weirdness. The question is, do you accept yours?

5 Tips for Making Absolutely Life-Changing Plans

Failure Success

Everybody who has ever set out to do anything meaningful should know that it may not work out the way you expect it. In fact, your best plans may flatly fail. Does that mean that we avoid great big, complex things that we know will redound in meaning and value for us?

BULLSEYE: How You Make the Impossible Possible

Bulls Eye

I am calling you to a new era in your life. Maybe you are there already. Maybe you have been doing it on and off, for the “important things” like work and school, but not for things like your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Maybe you have not been doing it for your finances. I am calling you to a life of CONSISTENT PLANNING.

WARNING: Dreamers Never Win…unless.


Have your goals, aspirations and dreams been translating themselves into real life experiences? Could it be because its not the job of your goals to translate themselves into reality?…The best way to invest in things that add no value to either yourself or anyone you know is to have goals you never plan for.