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“Freaky Freaky Gyal Mi Love Dem”

I was sitting at home when I heard a little boy outside, next door, singing this line over and over and over – I suppose he was not more than 10 years old. What a wonderful world.

by Epiclectic

I hear the boy singing all the time, many songs. Today, however, his content could not be missed. My mind was flooded with questions like:

how does singing “Freaky Freaky Gal Mi Love Dem,” all day after school when you are 10 years old affect a boy’s perceptions of a) women, b) love and c) sex and d) life? Continue reading “Freaky Freaky Gyal Mi Love Dem”

What Is Your Frame?

It is the context through which you see the world, and through which the world, in response, sees you.  Everybody has one, including you. You may not know it as yet, and for that you have the company of a large number of people in the world.

The fact that you don't know it, and that you have come so far without knowing it however, is no reason to ignore it. In fact, the sooner you come to appreciate the elements of your frame, the core things you believe to be true and false about the world, the better able you will be to pursue the things that matter to you. I'll show you why. Continue reading What Is Your Frame?

Bad Idea: Getting Killed By Your Own Conspiracies

Why do you think that somebody, somewhere and everybody, everywhere are always trying to keep you out, lock you in, push you back, blow you up or shoot you down?Why are the proverbial “they” and “them” always out to get you – of all the people in the world? Conspiracy theories make for great movies, but they can be dangerous if left unchecked.

TEDx and the Elite
Watch your thoughts carefully.

Continue reading Bad Idea: Getting Killed By Your Own Conspiracies