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Marriage Looking Doubtful? Please Choose Option # 3.

May 7, 2012
Some people, probably you, will choose (or be forced) to go the long journey of life alone. Single or alone does not necessarily mean lonely, sad and unsuccessful however.   | Photo by Craig Sefton

What should your life look like if you never get married (or it takes forever to happen)? Here is an uncommon perspective on how to view and respond to a life of singleness.

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Are Girls Who Had Sex Early Doomed to Divorce Later On?

March 19, 2012
Is this true?

A pretty odd (and perhaps insensitive) question right? Well, having read the findings of a University of Iowa study directly linking teen sex to divorces, the question is worth considering. If you are a female who had sex for the first time before age 16, you may want to read this.  Here is something to make you lose your breakfast: “31 percent of women who had sex for the first time as teens divorced within five years, and 47 percent divorced…

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FYI Ladies: The Men Most Likely to Propose Are 30 and Older

January 27, 2012
Sometimes its about how you play your cards! | erin MC hammer

I’ve heard countless females complain about how distressed they are that when it comes to serious relationships, the men in their circle are a bunch of jokers.  Many only find out after already investing way too much time, energy and interest that their Mr. Right has absolutely no plans to seriously commit or marry. Well, if you don’t want to waste your time, it would help to know in advance which group of guys are least likely to settle and…

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