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“Freaky Freaky Gyal Mi Love Dem”

I was sitting at home when I heard a little boy outside, next door, singing this line over and over and over – I suppose he was not more than 10 years old. What a wonderful world.

by Epiclectic

I hear the boy singing all the time, many songs. Today, however, his content could not be missed. My mind was flooded with questions like:

how does singing “Freaky Freaky Gal Mi Love Dem,” all day after school when you are 10 years old affect a boy’s perceptions of a) women, b) love and c) sex and d) life? Continue reading “Freaky Freaky Gyal Mi Love Dem”

Help Someone See Why The Hard Things Matter

If you are a teacher, the aunt or older brother to a younger person in primary, high school or even college – here is one way to help them make the most of their lives.

by jasoneppink

Teach them to fight and beat the tough stuff. Encourage and advice them to focus on the hard, mundane, rudimentary activities they will most certainly hate now, but which will make them happy, rich and famous later. Continue reading Help Someone See Why The Hard Things Matter