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The Real Reasons You Should Care A Little More About Your Body (Now!)

February 3, 2013
Do you find that you are always just too tired to do the Things That Matter? It may be ow you treat your body. Everyone, but especially young adults, need to be conscious of how we treat this most critical tool. | Photo by by anieto2k

Forget the superficial fluff - there are real reasons besides wanting to look good on the beach, why (especially as a young adult) you need to make the well-being of your body a central priority.

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How to use GMAP Pedometer for your run or ride, plus a note on its deficiencies.

October 5, 2011
My 1.5 mile route around the University of the West Indies, Jamaica

As you will know from my previous article on online pedometers, I think measuring you work out is critical and one of the best ways to do so for free is a pedometer like GMAP Pedometer or Map My Run.  This resource has boosted my own commitment to running and I hope it will do the same for you.

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One FREE resource to seriously boost your commitment to regular walking, running or cycling.

October 2, 2011

Have you ever felt to “just stopped trying” because you figure the little walking, running or cycling you do is a waste?  It may be that if you had a clue just how much you were, are, or could achieve with that little, you would never give up on our resolutions to regularly walk, run or cycle.

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    MaximizeMyLife Is the BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG of 2012!