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Tell Mr. Lonely – The Best Place to Find A Girl These Days

May 28, 2012
The world we live in today is so different. There are many ways to interact digitally and now research shows that building a relationship virtually may not be a waste of time. Women find it easier to express themselves online. | Photo by khalid Albaih

Why social media may be a godsend for men who love shy women. Plus 6 guidelines for how to build great relationships online without offending others.

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How You and Mark Zuckerberg Will and Won’t Change the World

May 2, 2012
Ever wonder how some people are full of bright ideas? How do they always manage to come up with ways to wow the world? The truth is, we rise and fall on the quality of our influences. Same is true of you. |Photo by khalid Albaih

What you should learn about where exactly great ideas come from, following the announcement of Facebook's phenomenal organ donor status tool.

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8 Ways You Are Making Lasting Impressions Online

February 1, 2012
by Emilie Ogez

We are constantly making impressions on others and those impressions often affect how they react to us. If you are serious about the impact you make then you cannot afford to take the impressions you make for granted. Social media is one area in which we are constantly making impressions today. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – you name it. We are cross more paths, in more places than ever before and whether we like it or not, people are forming their…

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Facebook’s New Timeline and You: What Do We Do Now That We Cannot Hide?

December 17, 2011
by PropagandaTimes

“Oh, Crap!” – that awkward moment when you realize that a few posts you made, or which were made to you at some point (perhaps from as far back 2005 when you first joined Facebook), are all still there!

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