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The Real Reasons You Should Care A Little More About Your Body (Now!)

February 3, 2013
Do you find that you are always just too tired to do the Things That Matter? It may be ow you treat your body. Everyone, but especially young adults, need to be conscious of how we treat this most critical tool. | Photo by by anieto2k

Forget the superficial fluff - there are real reasons besides wanting to look good on the beach, why (especially as a young adult) you need to make the well-being of your body a central priority.

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Don’t Be A Sloppy Slob: The Top 6 Areas A Woman Should Never Neglect (Girl 11)

December 6, 2011
Crash! | Louish Pixel

Girl #11, affectionately known as the Sloppy Slob. If your mind automatically races to some 'hideous' monstrosity of a woman – you may be wrong. Her issue is not beauty, it’s a complete lack of care, about her body image.

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    MaximizeMyLife Is the BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG of 2012!