“Stop Trying to Be Deep”

Amazingly, you doing better things (stepping out, getting stronger and being progressive) will actually be annoying to some people. Having not gotten the memo that life has moved on, that tomorrow is already here, they will abuse you for being productive, for being diligent and most of all, for being different.

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“Stop trying to be deep!” “Stop trying to be so smart.” “Why are you wasting your time reading that book – what’s in it for you?” I want to call you, today, in the face of all the abuse you will endure for “trying” to do productive things to Stand Up and Reject the Culture of the Common.

The Singular Aim of the Common

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The common consumes. You however are a creator. The common are stagnant, you embrace change. The common demands absolutely uniformity of minds. That just won’t work for you.

Reading, writing, painting, dancing, composing, programming, thinking up brave new ideas, actually taking real concrete steps to build brave new things – all those actions are a revolt against the common!

When you revolt however, that is when they come running. They come with their shouts, their screams, their incessant phone calls, their cold shoulders and their infernal chants “stop trying to be….” “stop trying to do…”

If they were honest, they would simply chant “stop trying to do…better”  “stop trying to be…better.”

We Must Reject It

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The combination of loud-mouthed commonness with the false humility of actually talented people is killing our world.

Why is it that so many of my friends, who actually are smart, feel compelled to apologize when anyone suggests that they may actually be intelligent?

Why is it that all year through, the good students pretend they aren’t actually studying? No one is willing to admit that they actually find the course, the job, the lecture, the book or the moment interesting. We must all – the talented, aware, with the uninterested, uninformed alike – we must all be sour, cynical, boring and common together.

Arrogance is disgusting. It is always to be rejected. Nevertheless, pretending to be dull when you are smart, pretending to be lazy when you are diligent, pretending to be satisfied with this utter nothingness when you want so much more is a to do a great disservice to yourself and to the world.

Here are three reasons:

  1. As long as the boat is not rocked, all we will have are stagnant, murky waters.
  2. By pretending you are less, when you are more, you encourage ageneral unpreparedness among everyone for the real tests of life that, they disregard, but you know are coming.
  3. You rob the genuine in the world the opportunity to marvel at, and urge your growth.

The New Game Plan: Stop Trying.

Today, when the common crowd tells you “Stop trying to…” I challenge you to do just that.

The next time you start singing and the response is “stop trying to act like you can sing better than anybody else around here” – FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE. Stop Trying. STOP ACTING. Start singing better than everybody else around there.

As you sing, all the insecure little voices that can neither appreciate or support your God-given talent will be drowned out by the sound of your new manager’s cell phone ringing. It’s Sony.

Are you going to stop trying?





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