9 Signs To Prove She’s A “Get Me There” Girl! (Girl 10)

She wants more than anything else in life for the who’s-who of society to think she’s significant.

The who’s-who all have husbands though, so she needs a man. Further, if she’s going to be regular feature on the social pages, she doesn’t need just any man, she needs a winner.


She’s heading somewhere, and she needs a taxi. She looks intently for a lawyer, banker or pilot and when she finds him, she jumps into his life (and pockets) with all HER DREAMS and says “get me there.”

Why You Don’t Want To Be Her Taxi-Man

What will happens when the standard of the who’s-who changes or becomes something you’re absolutely opposed to?

Here are 9 things you can use to assess if she’s a Get Me There Girl:

1.         Watch her conversation. Her conversations with you peculiarly surround “who you know,” “who knows you,”  “where you’re from,” “where you’ve travelled overseas,” “the awards you’ve received,” “what your family owns” and everything else on your resume.

2.        Watch when her interest begin. She never had a working phone number or such an eagerness to share it, before you started travelling overseas, or wearing suits so often.

“Actually, I just came from Scotia Bank – they offered me a job,” he says.

“Oh wow. Marketing? Do you know David Kelmersona?”

“Yea man, he was the one that offered me the job. I have to run though.”

“Oh ok…” she says as you walk away.

“Ahmm” she calls out “ …probably you should take my number… just in case…”

3.       Watch how she treats your interests. She is dead set on getting you to abandon the few things that you actually love and enjoy to pursue a million things you find empty, stressful and unbearable.

You know, like give up football to learn golf and nonsense like that.

Her aim for a man, like the enemy of the man’s soul in C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, is to have him, “Abandon the people or food or books he really likes in favour of the ‘best’ people, the ‘right’ food, the ‘important’ books.” (p. 223)

 4.      Watch the things she calls important. It just never seems to be a good enough evening with her unless there is some food that makes you upchuck, some people you don’t like, some wine with a name you can’t pronounce, and most certainly, some bill you can’t afford.

She will insist though “it’s important that we do this.”  There’s that word again.

 5.      Watch the nature of the word. She has an incredible propensity to suddenly agree with a point you are sure she disagreed with earlier, when someone more important (than you) at a function (or wherever) starts to advocate that position.

There are consequences for this, as is shown in point 5.

 6.       Watch the feelings she provokes. Her shifty-shifty nature means you’re always second guessing everything she says, or position she takes.

 7.       Watch the things that set her off. She gets super annoyed about things you’d never expect (like how you feel about sushi), primarily because she thinks they make her look less the part of the person she’s trying so hard to be.

If you meet this girl, it is more likely than not that she will like sushi. I guarantee it.

 Warning: not every sushi loving woman is a Get Me There Girl. So how do we distinguish?

There are two types of girls that will want you to go eat sushi.

  1. Those who actually like sushi and probably have been eating their whole life, and
  2. Those whose parents would slap them in the head for eating raw food.

It is the second ‘hurry come up’ group that is more likely to give you a hard time, calling backward for preferring something even cavemen approved (Food+Fire “haba haba”).

8.      Watch the people she finds time for. She’s always interested in hearing about your arrogant and unkind cousin who is a lawyer in New York, but can’t seem to stand your hardworking and church going family in the country who happen to be farmers.

 9.       Watch how she treats those who can’t help her. Somehow her magical smile, the excessive kindness, the soft and understanding tone, just doesn’t extend to her friends, her family, or people she think less “important” than her, unless of course you or someone “important” is watching.

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One thought on “9 Signs To Prove She’s A “Get Me There” Girl! (Girl 10)”

  1. Lol…I agree females like Girl#10 do exist but who gets the blame? Is it a matter of them succumbing to the pressures of society that is becoming more superficial and materialistic over time? “Links” run the world seems to be a popular mantra nowadays.

    Either way, no one wants to be used for another’s advancement and I’m sure males do not want to be categorised as “taxi-men”. So yes males, run when you encounter females like this.

    Loved the reference to the Screwtape Letters…great book!!!

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