My TOP 6 Plans for the next 6 Months!

Yes, you may find my plans weird. I am fine with that. You may even find a few of them silly. I'm fine with that as well. I know that my family and friends find "weird" many of the things I find "meaningful." Often times when I share my aspirations with friends the only response I get (in addition to some raise eyebrows) is – “why?” 

I, however, am excited and shameless about my life! I mean, cymbals clashing, draw-all-attention-to-my-own-wierdness kind of shamelssnes.

We Are All Different

I hope that you will be inspired to be weird too or at least, feel comfortable enough to pursue meaningful things with shameless zeal. 

The fact is, we all have our own favorite colors and television shows. Two sisters grow up in the same house and one hates every lizard, ant, bug and bee, while her sister’s passionately trains to become an entomologist. We are all uniquely weird and I accept my weirdness. The question is, do you accept yours?

My Plans

Having said that, these are my plans for the next, let’s say, 6 months:

  1. Grow to 100 articles and 500 subscribers in 6 months.

Mathematically speaking, that is about 5 articles per week and 488 more readers than there are now! Seems incredibly achievable right?

  1. Complete writing the first draft of my book by the 31st of December 2011, and the 2nd draft by February 31st 2012.

I am going to write and complete a book I have in mind. Actually, I am torn in myself about what to write. I believe, however, that a writer must write. It is fundamental to my development. I am therefore IN THE PROCESS of writing.

  1. Record at least one song professionally by December 31st 2011.  

It seems as if I have forgotten this aspect of myself in recent times. Let us examine what effect doing the bare minimum would have. 

  1. Run at  least one (half) marathon….errr, 10K.

This is critical for me. I am seriously interested in becoming a serious runner especially because I am "not built" for long distance running: asthma, bone structure, my heavy muscular built from birth. I want to run though!  I love running and I want to go beyond what my body finds comfortable.

Whenever you hear of a good marathon in your area, let me know! 

  1. Climb Blue Mountain…alone.

Alright, this is kind of stupid and I probably will not do this before the end of the year. Perhaps next year, if my life is spared as November – February are the coldest months of the year in Jamaica, and the Blue Mountain peak is definitely the coldest part of the island.

  1. Spend one week walking across Jamaica.

I have wanted to do this for so long and now finding out about how John Francis walked the earth, my passion is more intense than ever. I love walking and exploration. Here’s to a week on the edge!

 Thanks for reading. I'll do my best to keep you updated. 

What are your plans for the next 6 months? How do you plan to ensure you are developing and not just sliding by?

2 thoughts on “My TOP 6 Plans for the next 6 Months!”

  1. Proud of you bor, and the steps you are taking…seriously. All the best as you attempt these. Do you have any financial goals for the next six months? 😉

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