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How to Solve the Listening Problem

July 24, 2012
“Why don’t men just shut up and listen??” Is what most women seem to be saying in magazines, movies and music. Men think they listen just fine. Maybe we are missing something – what exactly women want men to listen to, and how they want men to respond | Photo by paladinsf

How does a man get out of the "he just does not listen" box? Will simply trying to "listen more" be enough? What exactly makes a man a great listener anyway?

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Is Everything Alright In Your Heart?

July 11, 2012
The heart of the matter, of every matter in your life today, is the matter of the heart. Either what is going on in your heart, or the heart of those around you. Open your eyes to the fact that things do not "just happen" | Photo by Alfonsina Blyde »

Things do not just happen. The law of cause and effect is at work in every area of our life. The things that consume you and eat away at your heart truly matter.

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There Are No Ordinary People

June 11, 2012
We may all look the same - like the three glasses of blue. We are all the one outstanding glass of wonder. There are ordinary buildings - as great as they are, they rot and weaken and are no more. There are no ordinary people however, not if you believe, Like C.S. Lewis, that we all have an eternal soul. | Photo by nickwheeleroz

Do you find yourself more impressed by and interested in things, than you are in the value of other people? Stop, Look, Listen: 3 simple steps to appreciating the wonder of people around you.

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Tell Mr. Lonely – The Best Place to Find A Girl These Days

May 28, 2012
The world we live in today is so different. There are many ways to interact digitally and now research shows that building a relationship virtually may not be a waste of time. Women find it easier to express themselves online. | Photo by khalid Albaih

Why social media may be a godsend for men who love shy women. Plus 6 guidelines for how to build great relationships online without offending others.

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Marriage Looking Doubtful? Please Choose Option # 3.

May 7, 2012
Some people, probably you, will choose (or be forced) to go the long journey of life alone. Single or alone does not necessarily mean lonely, sad and unsuccessful however.   | Photo by Craig Sefton

What should your life look like if you never get married (or it takes forever to happen)? Here is an uncommon perspective on how to view and respond to a life of singleness.

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When She Holds Your Hand

April 15, 2012

You are probably holding much more than you imagine. In fact – I bet you are. When you hold her hand, you really shouldn’t believe that it’s just that – holding hands. Just hands touching, swinging in the wind and no more.  Unless that is all that it is, then it’s probably not all that it is. Know what I mean?

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Raise Your Hands If You Want Long Lasting Love!

March 27, 2012
Old Love | by Alessandro Casagli

My grandparents have been married for 68 years. When they got married in 1943 Jamaica – everything was different. They didn’t even have wedding cake. According to my grandma – who is now a beautiful girl of 92 years – the “wedding cake” was actually a huge bread. On their 68th wedding anniversary, over the recent Christmas holidays, my Grandpa shared something I found hilarious, but thought provoking. Recalling the day of the wedding, he said: “The pastor asked me,…

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Are Girls Who Had Sex Early Doomed to Divorce Later On?

March 19, 2012
Is this true?

A pretty odd (and perhaps insensitive) question right? Well, having read the findings of a University of Iowa study directly linking teen sex to divorces, the question is worth considering. If you are a female who had sex for the first time before age 16, you may want to read this.  Here is something to make you lose your breakfast: “31 percent of women who had sex for the first time as teens divorced within five years, and 47 percent divorced…

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The Problem With The “Do What You Love” Way of Life

March 14, 2012
by hjhipster

You know the list – run a marathon, write a book, do a MBA, work at so and so, travel to France, start your own business and so forth. Should you make an effort to do that unending list of things that “they” claim will make you happy, successful, accomplished? Eric Karjaluoto, the writer of the article “Forget Self-Improvement,”  argues very eloquently that perhaps you shouldn’t. Karjaluto makes a compelling argument for the already compelling idea of abandoning a life…

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Having Trouble Sleeping? You Could Be Feeling Lonely.

March 5, 2012
Insomnia by ArneCoomans

Loneliness may significantly affect the quality of the sleep you get. Here is the reason why and 3 ways you can fight back loneliness.

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