Help Someone See Why The Hard Things Matter

If you are a teacher, the aunt or older brother to a younger person in primary, high school or even college – here is one way to help them make the most of their lives.

by jasoneppink

Teach them to fight and beat the tough stuff. Encourage and advice them to focus on the hard, mundane, rudimentary activities they will most certainly hate now, but which will make them happy, rich and famous later.

The Tough Stuff

Reading, exercise, mathematics, grammar, table manners, social etiquette, prayer, discipline – when you’re young, these things may feel like the heaviest, most burdensome things in the universe.

If you want to be interesting, rich or lovable however you may need to possess skills that require hard work.

Consider the following:

The Things That Most Interest Us, Require Hard Stuff

The only people we find interesting are all incredibly smart and incredibly good at their talent.

According to Nielsen, the top television programs within the US for the week of Janaury 2, 2012 were the NFL Playoff Games, NCIS, 60 Minutes, and NICIS: Los Angeles.

In the top 10 programs, part from the two sitcoms that come in at number 6 and 7, every program was focused on professions that require tremendous amounts of knowledge,  studying and training.


Timothy “Tim” McGee for example – the super hacking. Accordoing to his character biogaphy, Tim has a “Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Science degree in computer forensics from MIT.

The Things That Make Us Rich, Require Hard Stuff

by Patrick Hoesly

How do you get rich? There are four options for you to get plenty money:

1.       Be A Top Employee in A Top Job

(Be the best person working for the best companies, like this guy (“Prudential pays highest-earning employee £8.4m”)

The Hard Part:  a) actually get a top job with one of the biggest, best companies in the world, and b) be one of their most effective people (the Prudential guy was described as “one of the most influential fund managers in the City” (Hong Kong).

 2.       Build Your Own Successful Business

Instead of being an employee, you could open your own store, write your own books, establish your own practice, and market your skills yourself.

The Hard Part: You do everything yourself. The fact that most small businesses fail should tell you that for you to succeed will require education, energy and know-how – just to start!

 3.       Do Something Illegal or Get Lucky

Selling drugs, ripping off your employers, waiting on family to die and leave their money, playing the lotto – just the start of the list.

Easy: No qualifications, talents, training or expertise are needed here. Just be able to tolerate hunger, prison and 50 years of wondering why you can’t pick the right numbers.

The Things That Make Us Lovable, Require Hard Stuff

The people we love to be around, what is it about them? I will list 10 things that makes them stand out. Decide whether these characteristics will come naturally for everyone, with no energy, thought or effort.

We love people who are:

  1. Patient
  2. Forgiving
  3. Good communicators (listens and shares)
  4. Respectful (of us, themselves, their family)
  5. Self-controlled (Not-Abusive verbally, or physically)
  6. Honest (won’t lie, cheat)
  7. Kind & compassionate
  8. Understanding (How do you say, Non-judgemental?)
  9. Interesting & inspiring
  10. Sincere

I don’t know about you, but I’m horrible at many of these things, and I have to work at them all the time. To grow in these areas require many hard things like: prayer, reading books, talking about your feelings (yuck!), taking advice, trying and trying every time you mess up.

How to Make That Impact

The most important thing to remember is that hard stuff are hard and not everyone has the same threshold for pain. It means therefore that if we are to help others make the most of their lives, we will need to:

  • Encourage them.
  • Actually teach THEM, not just teach.
  • Never give up on them.

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