Guess What? The Best Is Yet to Come!

Awards, Appreciation & How Can Help to Build a Better Blog

This is old news. I shared it on the Facebook page last week, but I think I should write something about the award here on the blog itself – for posterity and all. Won A Jamaica Blog Award!!

September 2011 I started this blog with the hope of sharing a bit of my life and perspective with young adults across the world, just like me, who want to make the most of their lives. Longggg before and even without a Blog Award, I have been amazed at the results of this blog.

Still, the award is very much appreciated. Let me tell you why.

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Why (As Much As I, Sorta, Kinda Don’t Want to Admit It) I Really Appreciate the Award

I am a writer. I have always been. I wasn’t always as talented at writing as I am now, and I hope I am better today than I was yesterday. Writing has been my forte since I was growing up. (I used to take a small hardcover notebook with me everywhere, to write stories, all throughout high school. Story after story – I’ll tell you more another time).

Still, do you know what I found out when I began writing this blog? Writing is really hard work!

Sure, if you want to publish just random gibberish, then it’s easy. Maybe writing well is easy for you. However, I find that to write in a way that keeps hammering at one consistent message, in a clear simple and readable way, for the benefit of others is hard.

Because its hard, I am really truly appreciative whenever I recognize that my writing is understood and valued by others.

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Who Do I Want to Thank?

Just so you know, it takes a whole lot of encouragement and support to build something worthwhile. I have a whole host of people in my corner – EACH – of whom are so valuable to me, I don’t know if I could my best without them.

  1. Stephen + Michael  for nominating the blog.
  2. EVERYONE WHO VOTED (If you did let me know! I’ll expand the list!)
  3. Kelly-Rae should TOP the list. She campaigned without me even asking (and is probably the real reason the blog won).
  4. Suzette who told me she voted (+ all my classmates who voted)
  5. Gabrielle (well, I just have to put her here or she will feel left out. lol.)
  6. Cleo – my editor in chief. Invaluable help on a consistent basis.
  7. Nikeisha – faithful proofreading, critique and support from day one, right.
  8. Corve Dacosta and the Organizers of the Jamaica Blog Awards.
Old Faithful
My trusty old laptop on which I wrote perhaps all the posts published on since its creation in September 2011. Been good to me. #TimeForAnUpgrade

What’s Next on the Agenda?

There are four or more major things on the agenda going forward.

  • Publishing a Manifesto
    • There are reasons why you read what I write. We connect on somethings. I think there is purpose in this blog, maybe we can change our world a bit.
  • Increasing Interaction
    • Between You and I (email me,
    • Between You and You (i.e., between Core Readers Who Get the Vision & Other Core Readers Who Get the Vision).
  • Writing a whole lot more.
    • Not immediately, but yea.
  • Building a better blog.
    • I know you have endured many changes – I want to have a proper redesign done however so that will have the look and feel of a world-class blog.
  • Partnership.
    • We go further faster when two or three combine. I have a vision for but it could use your strengths, skills, connections, resources to make it happen.
      • Example: I want to do interviews of people who fit the bill of what it means to Maximize Life – for the benefit of all my readers. Maybe YOU ARE that person. Maybe you know someone. Maybe you can take great photos. Maybe you want to record and edit the interview. Whatever. You get my drift. Together we can do spectacular things. was award the Best Lifestyle Blog in the 2012 Jamaica Blog Awards held on the 19th of January 2013. was award the Best Lifestyle Blog in the 2012 Jamaica Blog Awards held on the 19th of January 2013.

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