Hey Miss “I Think I’m Ohh Soo Pretty” – I have 3 Words For You! (Girl 8)

Somebody’s got to say it and on behalf of my abused brothers, I will:

“Get Over Yourself!”

I Think I'm Ohh Sooo Pretty (and you're right)

This is a warning to all you beautiful girls who having looked in your mirror once too often, and heard “ohh your so pretty” just too many times, now think that they are doing every man a favour by their existence.

Yes you actually are beautiful, but here Are 6 Reasons Why We Think You Should Just  Get Over Yourself:  

  1.    Your Beauty Is Not As Valuable As You Think

As Proverbs 31:30 says, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting…” (Go read the rest).


What will you do when you beauty fades? It will fade with age, but also – with familiarity. Consider Halle Berry’s plight. Karen S. Schneider wrote in the People Magazine article Enough Is Enough, “After Struggling to Rebuild Her Marriage, Halle Berry Leaves Her Cheating Husband, Eric Benét—the Latest in a Line of Men Who’ve Failed Her. So Why Can’t One of the World’s Most Beautiful Women Find a Half-Decent Guy?”


If even Halle Berry’s beauty can become familiar and fade, is that really something to bank on?

2. You’re Going To Be Sorry If You Judge A Man’s Appeal Like You Do Your Own.

I’ll admit, right now, you’re in the lead. What makes a woman outwardly attractive though? Her style (clothes) and her body.

A man’s appeal is much more complex however. A man’s attractiveness goes beyond his body and clothes, to include what he has, and he has accomplished.

 Take Me For Example

 Right Now At 24


I have two black suits. My van (thank God I have one), besides looking like a mommy-bus, can’t go further than a mile without radiator smoke, has no AC, and worst of all, my window’s stuck up.

Not very appealing right?

 10 Years From Now at 34

By then, if God allows – a lawyer for about 8 years. Designer suits for every day, and occasion.

The only problem I envision having with the Blue Range Rover I’ll be driving then, is that the massaging seats are so darn comfortable!

Here’s A Much Better Example – People Mag’s SEXIEST MAN ALIVE

Sexiest Man Alive (Age 36)

The 2011 People Magazine’s Sexiest Man is Bradley Cooper – age 36.

The youngest man to have every won the coveted Sexiest Man title was 27 – and guess what? He was the President of the United States (John F. Kennedy).

Harrison Ford won it at 58, Sean Connery 59, Hugh Jackman and Johhny Depp – 40.

In your amazement with yourself you forget that in 10 years you’d be lucky to have my straight-line number.

 3.    Newsflash: There Are 7 Billion People In the World Now and Something Called the Internet.

Let’s be real a second.

The “I Think I’m Ohh Soo Pretty” girl may think she’s pretty because in her small community she has some exotic features that make her stand out.

She looks like what the media defines as beautiful, and as a matter of demand and supply, she’s highly sought.

 However, the world has changed.

Do you know that as many as 1 in 5 relationships (within the United States) are now started online? 1 in 6 couples that get married (in the US) met at online dating site.

Now, we’re all citizens of the 3rd most populous country in the world after China and India – Facebook.

All this means that your demand and supply numbers just changed significantly sister.

 4.    You’ll Eventually Have to End Up Settling for a Man Below Your Expectations Anyway.

In a few years you’ll wish you’d answered the calls of that guy in your class – if the findings of a 2010 study from the University of Sheffield in England and the University of Montpellier in France is correct.

The study found that our actual mates differ in height, weight and body mass index from the ones we would describe as ideal – “and the discrepancies between real mates and fantasies were often larger for women than for men.”

The researchers noted that “…it is likely for any trait, what we prefer and what we get, differs quite significantly. This is because our ideals are usually rare or unavailable.

 My advice to all the ladies who think “I’m Ohhh Soo Pretty” and actually are – ditch the mirror and get a watch. That is, recognize what time it is! 

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(TOMORROW: Part 2 for all the “I Think I’m Ohhh Soo Pretty” girls who actually aren’t)

4 thoughts on “Hey Miss “I Think I’m Ohh Soo Pretty” – I have 3 Words For You! (Girl 8)”

  1. LOL!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! i hope if i hail you in ten years u hail me back..lol but anyway..lol that reality and fantasy difference.. OH SO TRUE.. my boyfren is NOTHING like i envisioned, but he's the world's most awesome man in my eyes…not the 6ft GQ Masters Grad i was going for…but everything else is perfect. oh and btw.. that fb population thing was quite alarming..lol i soo didnt realise..lol
    Great going! i love this one.. laughed so hard… thx for maximizing my life

  2. lol … “ditch the mirror and get a watch” … dats really funny Andrew …. but I guess women and men a like should have the perspective that they should be like good wine, getting better with age 🙂

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