FYI Ladies: The Men Most Likely to Propose Are 30 and Older

I’ve heard countless females complain about how distressed they are that when it comes to serious relationships, the men in their circle are a bunch of jokers.  Many only find out after already investing way too much time, energy and interest that their Mr. Right has absolutely no plans to seriously commit or marry.

Sometimes its about how you play your cards! | erin MC hammer

Well, if you don’t want to waste your time, it would help to know in advance which group of guys are least likely to settle and which guys are just about bursting to propose at any moment.

The Effect of Women Outnumbering Men

A study conducted by Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan and published in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology may help. Kruger looked at how the male to female ratio affects how and when men decide to marry.

After studying the 50 largest metropolitan areas within the Unites States, Kruger found that wherever there are more young women than young men, young men are less likely to settle down.

The effect was markedly different on men in their 20s in contrast to men in their 30s.

Men in Their 20s

Kruger found that “men aged 20-24 are more likely to cruise than to commit if they live in an area with more women than men.”

They apparently, “feel less pressure to settle down as more women compete for their affections.”

Men in Their 30s

The major change seemed to come only after men leave there 20s behind.

“Once those young men hit their 30s, they tend to shift from seeking short-term relationships to entering into committed relationships.”

According to Kruger, “You see a complete reversal in the pattern.”

Put It in Perspective – The shortage is everywhere.

It is a given, that almost everywhere today, except maximum security prisons and all male schools, women outnumber men. That means, that almost everywhere a woman may generally expect to meet a compatible partner, there will be more of her kind, than men.


  1. In Jamaica, Several churches are reporting their congregation’s women to men ratio to be as much as 10 to one.
  2. In the United States, “Women outnumber men in attendance in every major Christian denomination, and they are 20% to 25% more likely to attend worship at least weekly.

          College and University

  1. At the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, the gap between male to female students is ridiculous, – “the latest figures reveal the exact ratio: 82 per cent female, 18 per cent male.”
  2. In the United States, Women have represented about 57 percent of enrollments at American colleges since at least 2000.”


Using data from the US Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, Forbes has compiled a list of the top 20 professional jobs that women now dominate.

Forbes 20 Jobs Women Are Taking Over” includes career fields like psychology, advertising and promotions, medicine and health, teaching and education, finance, accounting and auditing, meeting and convention planning, insurance underwriting, veterinary sciences and human resources.


If the numbers are correct then almost anywhere in the Western World, women will invariably outnumber men in most key areas. If Kruger’s study is to trusted, the logical conclusion for most women who are ready for something serious is be more open to guys 30 or older who are ready to make serious commitments.

It doesn’t mean that guys in their 20s are not ever going to be serious, make a decision and settle down. It just means that where marriage is concerned, guys in their 20s, with way too many options to choose from, are less likely to go that route.

Please let me know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “FYI Ladies: The Men Most Likely to Propose Are 30 and Older”

  1. I have mixed feelings towards that given the significant number of weddings/marriages in the 25-30 cohort that I’ve been hearing about. I figure they are the exception. 

    It’s quite true… at that age you’re thinking about enjoying life to the fullest, not how to support a family. We are totally dominating though, I recall my orientation at university some years ago. I thought that (since I was going into a male-dominated field) I’d be one of the few females (more guys for me yay!) instead we were almost 50:50 *bubble burst*

    Don’t give up on them though. If you meet a really great guy but see that he’s not ready to settle down just yet, try and find out how he feels about you on a longer term basis…. if he could still see you in his life then fine .. if not, and you really don’t want to waste any more time …. we’re outnumbering but there are many more out there! 

  2. Yeah this is real. Its dangerous too if a man in is twenties tie the not without knowing himself. The twenties for a man is self discovery. If he does not discover himself and his purpose, then woman you are in for a terrible till death do us part.

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