“Freaky Freaky Gyal Mi Love Dem”

I was sitting at home when I heard a little boy outside, next door, singing this line over and over and over – I suppose he was not more than 10 years old. What a wonderful world.

by Epiclectic

I hear the boy singing all the time, many songs. Today, however, his content could not be missed. My mind was flooded with questions like:

how does singing “Freaky Freaky Gal Mi Love Dem,” all day after school when you are 10 years old affect a boy’s perceptions of a) women, b) love and c) sex and d) life?

What’s Your Outlook?

See How Perspective Matters? | by Helga Weber

The whole point of this post is to have you consider why you and I, as adults, have the outlook and perspectives we do – and how those perspectives affect what we do with our lives.

Outlook, is everything. As a man thinks so is he – right? Winners don’t think like losers. Usain Bolt’s mindset coming out of the blocks, one any given day, is nothing like Asafa Powell’s mindset when he thinks he’s in trouble.

What is your outlook on what it means to make the most of life? On the definition of success? On winning? On losing? On love? On failure? On time spent cultivating an understand of, and relationship with God?

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Your ‘Songs’

by Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano 

The boy aside, the situation raises some questions that directly impact your life, and mine.

  1. What were the songs you were singing when you were 10 years old?
  2. Did those songs, benefit or harm you? Have they affected you in any way at all?
  3. If you could, would you change the songs you were listening and singing then?
  4. Expand the category to all media – do you believe that the media we consume (songs, dances, readings, pictures, movies) plays any role in how much we make of our lives?

Think, Tweek, Tower

Do you really want to make the most of your life? Then you must Think, Tweek and Tower.

There are some people who think nothing affects our lives but perhaps time and chance. I, obviously, disagree. I submit that with all the issues that crowd our modern lives, we cannot become the best versions of ourselves by chance. Not without effort. Not without help. It is your job therefore to consider all the outlooks and perspectives that guide your life and ensure they are leading you where you want to go.

Here’s a little formula that may go a long way!


What does it mean to you to make the most of your life?

Let’s say, being a world class athlete who makes an impact on and off the field.

What kind of mindset gets you to that state (what do I need to gain)?

The Eye of the Tiger -that you never give up, never give in (someone forward this to Asafa please).

What kind of thinking will keep me from my goal (what do I need to lose)?

Having no ‘heart’ – no will to fight when things are stacked against me.


How exactly, specifically must I adjust the things I watch, read, listen to, to start thinking like the champion running philanthropist I want to be?

(For ‘heart’, watch ROCKY 1-6 and BRAVEHEART daily)


As you adjust the source of your influence, your energy and passion to do the hard things will be increased – propelling you further, farther, higher, faster!

Please let me know what you think.

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