Drowning In Fun (Are you striking the necessary balance?)

So what if you don’t speak Arabic? You have Google Chrome don’t you? So what if you can’t spell perfectly? Doesn’t spell check come standard? So what if you were born poor without a giant library full of encyclopedias? Wikipedia.

This is a screenshot. I'm sure you have seen this before (or maybe you need a plugin)

Do you really have any valid excuses for failing to do more, go further, climb higher and press farther than your parents, and their parents? If so, what are they? If not, why don’t we?

Here are some phenomenal things you and I may be taking for granted:

1. Internet browsers now translate whole pages. 

The effect is that you can read, unfiltered what people are writing in China, Denmark, and Arabic speaking countries.

2. TED and so many others give all their content away for free.

Imagine what you would have to do, under normal circumstances, to hear Bill Gates speak. Countless Presidents, Nobel Prize winners, authors and scientist give the most definitive talk of their lives – and you get it free of charge, in HD video, audio and print.

3. We are in an age of free, inexhaustible resources.

  1. The Gutenburg Project offers you over 38,000 free ebooks.
  2. Christian Classical Ethereal Library is a reservoir for classic, timeless religious writings.
  3. Want information without the reading? Go to #4

4. We do not even have to read anymore!

Audio books are increasing in abundance:

  1. You may pay for high quality audio on Audible.com, or
  2. FREE: LibriVox, or try Books Should Be Fre
  3. Also, as noted earlier – all TED talks are on video.

Yet, Things Don’t Add Up

You would think that with all the resources available to us today, you and I would be doing more to improve every single area of our lives. You would think we would all have real spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, sexual, financial balance.

Yet, amazingly, it seems that with more information than ever we are more imbalanced, superficial, uninspired and unmotivated than ever.

Why Aren’t We Doing More?

1. Ignorance

Most of us do not recognize just how much has been made available.

2. Indecisiveness

The more choices, options, and alternatives we have, the harder it is to make up our minds, focus, choose, settle, decide and be content.

3. Intoxication

We are drunk with entertainment and distractions.

by Thomas Hawk

We have:

  • Movies,
  • Music Videos,
  • Games – PC games, internet games, game consoles, real-to-life-consume-24-hours-of-a-day games.
  • Oliva Benson, Gregory House, Michael Weston on demand, on a marathon, on 4 or 5 channels, every single day of the week –
  • YouTube, NetFlix,
  • PLUS: Real life events [parties, movies, new restaurants].

4. Inertia

Perhaps information and opportunity is not, and was never the main problem – perhaps the main problem is, and has always been that “getting to good,” takes work. Movement. However, work, takes effort. Effort is kills comfortable. Its Painful even.

It Does Not Have To Be So

My piece of advice: Get a Grip. If you are drowning  in sweet bowl of M&Ms, you are still drowning!

by vernhart

At the end of the day, there will be the consumer and the producer. The shark and the tuna. The life maximized – balanced, whole and effective. Then the life wasted, uninspired and uninspiring. Which group are you? 

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