Don’t Be A Sloppy Slob: The Top 6 Areas A Woman Should Never Neglect (Girl 11)

If you see yourself in today’s post feel free to blame your friends. “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” doesn’t just apply to alcohol. It means that those who love you must intervene when it’s clear you’re going to crash into a wall.

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The car in the wall today is driven by Girl #11, affectionately known as the Sloppy Slob.

If your mind automatically races to some ‘hideous’ monstrosity of a woman – you may be wrong. Her issue is not beauty, it’s a complete lack of care, about her body image.

Here Are The 6 Areas (at the most basic level) That Women Should Never Neglect:

1.     How You Treat Your Hair (on your head)

Convenience is no excuse. While hair treatment and maintenance is expensive and time-consuming, but dandruff, lice, that dry burnt-dirt stench and that hoard of flies following you along the road, are also a problem.

2.     How You Deal With Facial & Body Hair

Beards, moustaches, chest hair – are all natural, I agree. To (the majority) of men in the West, it is naturally unacceptable. Why though do some women need to have the whole Central American Rain Forest under their armpits?

3.     How You Exercise Your Bodily Function 🙁

We know that sooner or later somebody is going to crack one – a noxious gas bomb. Please just wait for us to settle first.

When you get the cold, and there’s that disgusting nasal clogging – to “hawk a loogie” and shoot it like a sailor though, is a different matter.

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 4.    How You Smell (Bodily Odours)

I don’t know where we got the idea but guys expect girls to smell like flowers and perfume. When you smell like we usually smell after a football match, there’s going to be a problem.

 5.     How You Treat Your Mouth (Oral Hygiene)

Bad breath, rotten teeth, and the like are not in keeping with what men expect of a woman. That’s just the truth.

 6.     How You Wear Your Skin & Nails

How a woman treats her skin is so important. White, flaking and ashy elbows, knees and toes are not attractive by any standard.

What This Woman Can Do

You may argue that there is a double standard here but still:

  • You can’t afford to use the men you know (me) as your standard of how clean you should be, or how you should carry yourself. Come to your senses and recognize that if a man, one of the nastiest of all God’s creatures, thinks that you’re a sloppy slob – then things are really bad.

You could give me all the reasons for “not changing yourself” or:

  • Just accept that you’re a bit dirty, unkempt and careless about your decorum and decide how much you need and are willing to change.

Apply Self-Help

  • Learn to help yourself. Most of these issues have very little to do with a need for professional care. The issue is not to be beauty queens, it’s about maintaining a basic level of approachability.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help Where Needed

  • Some bad breath, for example, is directly related to a problem with gums, or draining sinuses or something more than a lack of brushing. If you have a problem you can’t fix alone – get help.
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3 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Sloppy Slob: The Top 6 Areas A Woman Should Never Neglect (Girl 11)”

  1. Not bad….slowing coming back around…It's not as heavy and easy to remember. I'm sorry though that i can't identify with this girl:)

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