Summer-Body? Create Your Fitness Goals In 6 Simple Steps!

Touching my legs, after just reading Oswald Chambers on the value of casting our burdens on God, I prayed for my shins, Achilles tendon and all the parts of my leg that started acting up yesterday when I ran out way too fast before I was fully warmed.

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Enthusiasm to work out so strong that you just must mention it even when you pray – it’s a sign of a man with a plan. I have just finished drafting my summer fitness goals in response to a challenge from my friend Andre. Have you created your summer fitness goals?

I want to 1) encourage you to create some goals that you want to accomplish by the 30th of June (that’s my personal deadline – you could share it or create your own) and 2) I want to give you some insight into what to think about when creating your goals.

My Plan

First, lets examine my plan. The aim of my plan is get faster as a runner, stronger overall and much more ripped – in that order. The thinking behind my goals come largely from Men’s Health Magazine’s fitness test. [Download your copy – Are you Men’s Health Fit?]

My Fitness Goals


  1. June 30, 2012


  1. 3.2m/5k at 7 minutes per mile (22 minutes)
  2. 6.4m/10k at 8 minutes per mile (51 minutes)

[I currently run this distance at about 9 minutes which according to Men’s Health is just average. No excuses. My aim is eventually to eventually get to 6 minutes per mile – once my legs behave!

Strength        Complete A 2 Minute Per Routine Test

Bodyweight   :           150 Push-Ups

Upper-body   :           50 Vertical Dead-Hang Pull-ups

Core              :           Full Extend Plank for 2 mins+

Lower-body   :           Not sure of the best test as yet.

[I have natural bulk which makes core strength training and the ability to manage my own bodyweight much more relevant for me. 50 “pushups” the way most guys do pushups is easy. 50 according to the guidelines in the MH Test –  now the is impressive.]




Weight 200 190
Waist 35 33
Arms 13. 3″ unflexed 14.5″

[Do you want a copy of this form for download? My email me –].

Creating Your Goals

Planning fitness goals may not be something you are accustomed to doing but it is never too late to start anything in life. Never. A little direction and motivation is all you need.

by sara | b.

Just answer the following questions and you will be well on your way to making your own plan.

1. What’s you deadline?  

Let say the 30th of June 2012.

2. What’s more are the areas most important to you?

Think, do you want function or form? (You wanna look strong or be strong?)

For form (move on to point number 3). For function – there are several components of fitness which include:

  1. Cardiorespiratory endurance
  2. Muscle endurance / stamina
  3. Muscular strength
  4. Posture
  5. Speed
  6. Flexibility
  7. Balance
  8. Agility/flexibility
  9. Power

Some of these terms are explained by others here, or here.

3. What muscle groups do you want to highlight?

Men: abdominal, biceps, chest, back, forearms, shoulders, calves, hamstrings

Ladies: glutes, abdominal, legs, hips, arms [Check out this female muscle chart]

Maybe you just want to lose some weight?

4. What should everybody do?

Everyone should build a good strong core (abdominal + back). Your midsection is essential for everything else you do.

5. Where are you right now?

  1. Weigh yourself.
  2. Measure yourself (the areas you want to focus on).
  3. Take a few before pictures.

6. What can you accomplish in the time?

If you start on Monday (the 16th) you’d have 15 days left in April, 31 (May) + 30 (June) = that’s 76 days! More than 10 weeks is enough time to radically re-create your body, no matter where you start.

       Re Losing weight: You shouldn’t try to lose more than 1 lb per week (so that’s a possible 10 lbs you could lose)

The Plan

Now that you have goals, you will need to create a plan of workable exercises you can do at your level to accomplish your goals. More on this.


Well what do you think? Please share.





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