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My TOP 6 Plans for the next 6 Months!

I am wierd

I hope that you will be inspired to be weird too or at least, feel comfortable enough to pursue meaningful things with shameless zeal.
The fact is, we all have our own favorite colors and television shows. Two sisters grow up in the same house and one hates every lizard, ant, bug and bee, while her sister’s passionately trains to become an entomologist. We are all uniquely weird and I accept my weirdness. The question is, do you accept yours?

Dying for a bigger, more captivating reality? Get outdoors!


In short, two friends – who were both on vacation from Europe, and I made the trip. We bought a bucket of KFC chicken – 5 pieces per man, chocolate bars, 3 Jamaican Spice Buns and 3 big (1.5 litre) bottles of WATA. We double checked our map, and drove off into the night. It was 12:00 AM, we drove up the Mountain until 2:00 AM and then pressed as fast as we could to the top to catch sunrise. We made it just in time to see the sun coming up. I am not yet skilled enough a wordsmith to describe the scene.


Sky is the Limit

"Ideas worth sharing" – that is the concept and based on the speakers that are lined up for this Saturday's event, I know worthwile things will be said. If you can go, go! This is the type of event, the…

Reggae Marathon Here I Come!

Here I come!

If only I had heard about it sooner! Unfortnately, I don't have enough time to train for the full 26.2 miles. I will however be entering the Half Marathon at this years Reggae Marathon in Negril Jamaica.