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The Real Reasons You Should Care A Little More About Your Body (Now!)

2 Reasons You Should Definitely Make the Effort to Get in Shape

It’s 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning. It was a hectic week, topped off with a long and exciting Friday night. I’m just now getting in. Upon remembering all I have to do over the horribly short weekend, I panicked. I set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Guess what happens next?

Do you find that you are always just too tired to do the Things That Matter? It may be ow you treat your body. Everyone, but especially young adults, need to be conscious of how we treat this most critical tool. | Photo by by anieto2k
Do you find that you are always just too tired to do the Things That Matter? It may be how you treat your body. Everyone, but particularly young adults, needs to be conscious of how we treat this most critical tool. | Photo by by anieto2k

Invariably, whenever I do that madness, I end up sleeping until 10, 11 or even 12 the next morning! Having given my body a most unrealistic goal, my brain and body then conspire to ignore my alarm and instead, have me sleep until they are good and ready to wake up.

I want to encourage you in relation to how you treat your body. Right now, your primary responsibility is not to make commitments about fitness that you are very likely to break like getting  “a 6 pack,” or “a chiseled chest,” or “the most toned thighs ever!

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The Best Thing About Breaking My Nose

Why and How You Should Interrogate Your Fears

I am incredibly passionate about encouraging people who feel afraid, to rise above it, to run past it, to pursue the things they know they want and need to do. Why? Because fear is often a wall blocking us from investing in the things that matter most.

Fear of life, fear of the unknown, fear, fear, fear. It cripples. | Photo by *Zephyrance – don’t wake me up.

Considering my built and list of involvements and achievements, most people ignore me when I even suggest that I may be too shy or too scared to do some thing. If only they knew. For everything I do, there are so many more things I do not do. Sadly, all owing to fear. Let me just give one example.

Why They Chose Messi Over Me

I could have been in the Champions League. It’s just that, I was too much of a coward to join the football team during high school.

I could have been as bad as Messi man (probably not, I could have been a lot better though. I was just too afraid I would break my legs). | Photo by Espen Faugstad

There were twoproblems. My growth spurt got lost overseas somewhere and only decided to meet me in Jamaica when I was about ready to graduate high school. The real issue though, is that I have always had an imagination as vivid as an IMAX movie (with SOUNDTRACK!!) and I was certain, certain, absolutely certain that if I played, I would break my legs. The scenes replayed in my mind regularly. He ran out, got the ball, but blind to the sliding tackle from behind – klapow! Leg-less. The idea only intensified when a simple tackle left one of my classmates without a working ankle during a normal P.E. period. Not I boss.

How Ironic

I did start to play after a while. Who could resist? What is amazing is, I have played for at least three serious teams and I have never broken my legs. I did however, break my nose. Randomly, in an intense training session, with little light assistance from the long faded sun, I made a quick turn at the ball. So too did the guy on the next team. At virtually full speed we slammed head first (that is, my head and his gigantic forehead) into each other.

The Upsides

Guess what? I never broke my leg. All the slide tackles, all the bad plays, all the games for competition and for fun have passed and I have never broken them. What’s more, the fact that I didn’t collapse, didn’t scream or cry, but actually lived with the drooping, obviously broken nose for 3 weeks before visiting a doctor tells me: many times, the anticipation of pain is much worse than the reality. Even more! Nothing in football scares me anymore. (A bit late in the day, but still a welcomed peace).

No More IMAX Blockbusters

The whole experience taught me something that I try to remember in my daily life, now, whenever my crazy IMAX imagination tries to release other disturbing films (about how some new experience will “break my legs”). I recognize now, that I need to interrogate my fears.(How? Ask them penetrating questions!)

  1. How many people break their legs in football? (Lots actually, everyday too.)
  2. How significant are the chances that you will break your leg in football? (Just as high as the other guys who will break theirs today.)

Ok, so fears may have a good basis for existence. Here though is the crucial questions for me:

  1. Have you ever known anybody who broke their legs? (Just two guys in 25 years! That is hardly a risk)
  2. Is avoiding the risk of breaking your legs, better than giving up something you love, that enriches your life? Absolutely not.
  3. Does anybody, at the end of their life reminisce on how well they protected their legs? Absolutely not.

I am still afraid! I have a million hang-ups, I cannot write about. I just try really hard to ignore the little (I wish) voices in my head, trust in the strength that Christ provides, and live. You should too.

How do you handle your fears? Do you run and hide? Do you face them? How?





When It Comes to Chocolate, the Smaller the Package, the Greater the Danger!

How the packaging of chocolate and other candies affect how much we actually consume.

You thought that by purchasing the minis you were actually being responsible. Starving the old sweet tooth and ensuring effective portion control. You thought wrong. In fact, unless you want to eat nothing but sweets – you should avoid mind the minis.

If you've decided to cut back on chocolate and other candy (perhaps as part of your fitness plan) you may want to avoid minis. Research shows that they actually cause us to eat more, not less. Photo by Nomadic Lass

According to University of Alberta researcher Jennifer Argo’s in a fairly recently published study in the Journal of Marketing – you and I are inclined to eat way more chocolate and other candies than we think we are eating when they come disguised in smaller packages.

We All Get Tricked by the Wrappers

While you may be the boss at resisting big bars of Cadbury, the smaller the packaging, the weaker your resistance.

No one buys just one Reese's mini. Photo by reway2007

The reason, as Argo highlighted, is that no really buys one Reese’s mini. No, “in reality, small packaged goods are often sold in multiples.”

“These consumers are basically saying, ‘this package is going to protect me; it’s going to help me achieve my goal,’ and so they relinquish control to the package,” she said. “They throw up their hands and say, ‘I don’t have to worry because the package is taking care of everything for me.’ As soon as they’ve given up initial control, they have no control to deal with that next package that’s presented to them.”

Fight Back

If it really matters, here are two things you can do to safely have a treat when you want without losing your self-control.

1. Buy the regular sized snack.

According to Argo, regular-sized package snacks combined with good portion control offer a much better value than the minis. In fact, the switch may “not only reduce calories, but also save money as well.”

2. If you buy minis, be conscious as you chew.

Check the packaging to see the nutritional value of each mini. Take one at a time. Be mindful of how many you have eaten already.

I hope this has been a successful intervention.

[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]P.S. Happy Monday![/highlight]

All the best as you start the week. I hope that today will be better than yesterday, but worst than tomorrow (and that it will continue that way all week). Go. Be. Do.

Why are you trying to limit your chocolate intake? Do you buy minis all the time?





The One Thing You Should NOT Do At the Gym

….is (always) do just one thing at the gym.

Photo by tyger_lyllie

Sure, sometimes we need to focus. Just arms today. I’m not talking about focusing on individual muscle groups in a strategic and planned way. No, I am talking about the habit of only doing the bench press or only doing curls or, like the little cartoon lady, only using the calf machine all the time, because that is all you like or know (or are comfortable with, because you’ve pretty much grown accustomed to it).
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Summer-Body? Create Your Fitness Goals In 6 Simple Steps!

Touching my legs, after just reading Oswald Chambers on the value of casting our burdens on God, I prayed for my shins, Achilles tendon and all the parts of my leg that started acting up yesterday when I ran out way too fast before I was fully warmed.

by lululemon athletica

Enthusiasm to work out so strong that you just must mention it even when you pray – it’s a sign of a man with a plan. I have just finished drafting my summer fitness goals in response to a challenge from my friend Andre. Have you created your summer fitness goals? Continue reading Summer-Body? Create Your Fitness Goals In 6 Simple Steps!