Can you even begin to imagine all that we could…

…create, gain, share, do, say, influence, impact, build and encourage across the world in our own lifetime now that the world has been so dramatically transformed by technology?

This age in which we lives is so amazing it smacks of something out of an epic fantasy. Before our eyes the dominant, established limitations of space and time have been shattered. Not once, not twice. We have now lost count.


I want to quickly share with you quickly an experience I had tonight and what it has caused me to consider as a life maximizer.


Blown Away By Skype

(I know I may be pretty late in this but) I had a group video call with my family on Skype for the first time tonight. I don’t mean normal one on one video – I do that all the time. I’m talking about the ‘new’ Skype technology that allows all the members of a group to hear and see each other in real time.


What made the technology seem especially brilliant to me was just how far we all live from each other. Just consider; there are 4 of us. Michael is in Daytona Beach, Florida. Stephen is in Kingston, Jamaica. Gabrielle is in Pune, India. I connected from St. Ann, Jamaica. Michael was a hour ahead of me Stephen and I. Gabrielle is about 10 hours ahead of me. We were all, from as ‘little’ as 70 to several thousand miles away from each other and yet we spoke in real time.


Take It Even Further

My dad was in India in 21 years ago, before my sister, who is in India now, was conceived. He was there for several months and the only modes of communication then were landlines and regular mail through the post.


These are changes that I have witnessed. A world of impossibilities, fixed space, time and distance was all that existed. Not so today.


I can’t help but wonder if I am making the most of all the opportunities that technology has presented to me. What about you?

  1. Do you even recognize how phenomenal this time is in which we live? Do you note that just a short while ago, there were no Blackberry Smartphones, with live WordPress and Evernote Apps?

  2. Do you understand that what was impossible in your parents’ time is perhaps, now possible?

  3. Do you recognize now that the ‘impossibilities’ of your parents’ time, were NEVER true impossibilities at all – simply, premature?

Let me know.

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