BULLSEYE: How You Make the Impossible Possible

It’s settled: dreamers never win if they live in their beds. So how do we keep the rich vibrant spirit of a dreamer while not wasting our lives? We set targets, we train hard, we aim for the bullseye and we smack it!

I am calling you to a new era in your life. Maybe you are there already. Maybe you have been doing it on and off, for the “important things” like work and school, but not for things like your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Maybe you have not been doing it for your finances. I am calling you to a life of CONSISTENT PLANNING.

The Maximizer’s Approach

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider switching from the haphazard approach to the Maximizer’s approach to living:  

  1. Plans make the impossible possible

Just think about someone running 500 miles per year! Sounds impossible right?

That is what I thought too, before I set to planning! It turns out that 500 miles a year is little over 9 miles each week. If you live in Jamaica, that is just 2 times around UWI, 3 days a week. (One FREE resource to seriously boost your commitment to regular walking, running or cycling.)

  1. Plans show us the value of incremental effort

Essentially, plans go beyond making the impossible possible, to making the possible manageable. We have a tendency as humans to discount small things but proper planning helps us to recognise that instead of waiting for the right circumstances to come about, we can decide on the minimum effort we’re willing to exert and plan from there. For example, instead of waiting until you have a whole hour to read each, you could decide to commit 10 minutes a day to reading (note how many words you read a minute, and then calculate it against the total number of words in the book and just like that! You have a worthwhile plan).

  1. Plans ensure continuous improvement

One of the best things for my fitness, as I previously shared, has come with me knowing exactly how much I am achieving each week. Now, when I miss a couple day, it does not lead to depression and giving up – I simply recheck and readjust my plan.

  1. Plans protect you from bandwagon hopping

Whenever you set out to do something that seems hard – reading a book, for example. Whenever it gets hard, or you fall off track, you will lose motivation and that is when the mind starts to rationalize that “maybe this isn’t for me.” That is how we go from wagon, to wagon, to wagon and never finish reading one book.

  1. Plans ensure you actually do more than dream

By making the impossible possible, and the possible manageable, plans take away every excuse we could possibly have. Proper plans leave us with only two options, abandon our dreams or take even the most basic steps to accomplishing them. That’s excellent.  

  1. Plans, when done properly, ought to immediately tell us which goals are unrealistic and irrelevant to our lives.

In our enthusiasm we say and do stupid things. A goal to write 100 articles in 6 months for example (something I decided to do in the heat of the moment), when I set to planning, turned out to mean writing 5 articles per week. I can barely write 3 right now. Not very SMART (or smart).

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