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The Real Reasons You Should Care A Little More About Your Body (Now!)

February 3, 2013
Do you find that you are always just too tired to do the Things That Matter? It may be ow you treat your body. Everyone, but especially young adults, need to be conscious of how we treat this most critical tool. | Photo by by anieto2k

Forget the superficial fluff - there are real reasons besides wanting to look good on the beach, why (especially as a young adult) you need to make the well-being of your body a central priority.

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The Best Thing About Breaking My Nose

May 30, 2012
I could have been as bad as Messi man (probably not, I could have been a lot better though. I was just too afraid I would break my legs). | Photo by Espen Faugstad

Our fears more than anything else can keep us from doing things we love most. Here is a small story about why and how you should fight fear.

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When It Comes to Chocolate, the Smaller the Package, the Greater the Danger!

April 30, 2012
If you've decided to cut back on chocolate and other candy (perhaps as part of your fitness plan) you may want to avoid minis. Research shows that they actually cause us to eat more, not less. Photo by Nomadic Lass

How the packaging of chocolate and other candies affect how much we actually consume. You thought that by purchasing the minis you were actually being responsible. Starving the old sweet tooth and ensuring effective portion control. You thought wrong. In fact, unless you want to eat nothing but sweets – you should avoid mind the minis. According to University of Alberta researcher Jennifer Argo’s in a fairly recently published study in the Journal of Marketing – you and I are…

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The One Thing You Should NOT Do At the Gym

April 27, 2012
Photo by tyger_lyllie

A short reminder on the need for general balance and the basic awareness of your own body as you exercise.

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Summer-Body? Create Your Fitness Goals In 6 Simple Steps!

April 13, 2012
by sara | b.

Touching my legs, after just reading Oswald Chambers on the value of casting our burdens on God, I prayed for my shins, Achilles tendon and all the parts of my leg that started acting up yesterday when I ran out way too fast before I was fully warmed. Enthusiasm to work out so strong that you just must mention it even when you pray – it’s a sign of a man with a plan. I have just finished drafting my…

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Only for the Serious: 50 Ways to Lose Weight Now & Get In Shape

March 23, 2012
by Kris Kesiak Photography

I stole this article. It was published by Runner’sWorld - I read it, and I loved it! What was I suppose to do! Read it, and if you love it, check out the website. They have tons and tons of resources that you will never be able to get here (at least not right now). I hope this helps you in your goals as much as it has helped, and is helping me.

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5 Great Ways To Get and Stay Motivated to Exercise

March 8, 2012
Thanks to Amanda Vance's Fitness Folder

A recent Penn State study shows that a lack of motivation is the number 1 reason people don't stay healthy. This post can help you to do much better!

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Having Trouble Sleeping? You Could Be Feeling Lonely.

March 5, 2012
Insomnia by ArneCoomans

Loneliness may significantly affect the quality of the sleep you get. Here is the reason why and 3 ways you can fight back loneliness.

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Choose Wisely! The Top 10 Jobs Most-Sleep Deprived Jobs

February 29, 2012
The Famous Yawn By HilaryQuinn

Choosing a career soon? Here is a wee bit of advice: Check and double-check your priorities well. Decide now, how much your bed, your long night’s rest and your freedom to tap the snooze button means to you, as when it comes to ‘sleep time’, all careers are not created equal. The American mattress company Sleepy’s recently commissioned a study to determine the most sleep-deprived and the most rested occupations in America. Just last week it was reported by Catherine…

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The Top 11 Reasons You Don’t Exercise

February 24, 2012
by r8r

11 of the top most popular reasons people give for not exercising (and why they make no sense).

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