Bad Idea: Getting Killed By Your Own Conspiracies

Why do you think that somebody, somewhere and everybody, everywhere are always trying to keep you out, lock you in, push you back, blow you up or shoot you down?Why are the proverbial “they” and “them” always out to get you – of all the people in the world? Conspiracy theories make for great movies, but they can be dangerous if left unchecked.

TEDx and the Elite
Watch your thoughts carefully.

I was struck by the danger of thinking loosely upon hearing a comment from a man who sat beside me at a TEDx conference recently.

I was at the TEDx Jamaica, at the Courtleigh Auditorium in Kingston on October 1, 2011. @SmartStephen, my brother, asked the man how he had heard about the conference that day, since he had not known about TED previously. The stranger's response bothered me.

He said, "I guess they (are) trying to keep the wealth creation thing to themselves, huh?"

Absolutely Opposite

I was bothered and my brother was confused because we both knew the situation was exactly opposite.

  1. A group of about 11 of us that went had all received sponsored tickets, some premium!
  2. The event had been advertised and promoted reasonably; it was not hidden from the public at all.
  3. A number of people I know personally were offered tickets and they turned them down simply for lack of interest. 

I have learned some lessons from this, and I want to share them with you. I challenge you to improve the way you think in the following ways:

  1. Refuse to make yourself a victim whenever something goes wrong, instead of seeking out the real reason for the problem.

"TEDx Jamaica is sponsored by companies like BMW and Keystone Agusta. Its organized by people like Chris Blackwell – it is obviously some elitist, upper class thing, not something for me."  When you think like that, you exclude yourself.

It is one thing to be the victim of calculated deprivation and abuse at the hands of another, to be cut out of the loop by people with bigoted ideals or to be locked out, by design, from storehouse of opportunity and prospect. If and whenever that is the case, it is definitely a horrible reality – half the time though, that is not the case!

  1. Be fair to others. Considering if your views of them are honest and sound.

When you, without thought accuse “them” of “always trying to do this or that,” you probably do so because you do not recognize that that “they” are people too. “They” listen, and care and have families and friends. Be fair and considerate to everybody, even “them.”

  1. Interrogate your thoughts regularly and crush loose views.

Uninformed, unchecked, and un-interrogated thinking will affect us in every area of life. Whatever you allow to marinate in your mind about the police, women, men, people of other races, ethnicities and classes, will eventually surface. Beware, if you spew unchecked and biased thoughts in the wrong setting, like the man in my story, someone listening may do a lot worst than write a blog post.

What do you think? Will you be implementing my 3 suggestions in your daily life? If you plan to, or have already done so, comment about it!

One thought on “Bad Idea: Getting Killed By Your Own Conspiracies”

  1. Number 3 sounds hits the hammer on the head. Very Necessary to watch those loose thoughts that have ‘marinated’ which might spew into to mis-informed statements and a plethora of other uncalled for problems. Good post!

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