Are My Goals Really SMART? (Help me re-evaluate, please.)

I have been writing on how to use planning to achieve big goals – you should check out the other articles in the series. I recently shared with you my TOP 5 plans for the next 6 months and I thought it would be helpful for you if we analyzed one of my goals together, to see if it is S.M.A.R.T. Hopefully, this analysis will help you in making your own plans.

The goal is:

“Grow to 100 articles and 500 subscribers in 6 months.”


Ask yourself; is the goal specific, exact, precise, definite and unambiguous?

I could be more specific. In fact, I think there are two completely different goals here that ought to be separate.

A more specific way to write this goal would have been:

  1. Publish 17 articles 600 words or less, each month, for 6 months.
  2. Use all tools available to add 21 subscribers per week, for 6 months to


Ask yourself; is this plan quantifiable, able to be gauged, able to be evaluated as it progresses and when it ends?

Well this element seems to be met: 100 articles, 500 subscribers, 6 months. At the end of 6 months (or even before) a simple browse of my WordPress dashboard will reveal how many posts I have. Mail Chimp will tell me how many subscribers I have.


Ask yourself; can this really be done, does it make sense, is it possible, practicable or feasible in light of everything in my life?


100 articles in 6 months sounds achievable right? 6 months sounds long enough and 100 seems small enough.

When we go further though we recognise some problems. Currently, I try to write just 3 articles per week and it’s a killer sometimes. What would 100 articles in 6 months mean?

6 months = 24 weeks

3 articles x 24 weeks = 72 articles

100 articles would essentially mean 5 articles per week for 6 months. The consideration must be, with work and school and life, is a goal of 5 articles of decedent and relevant quality achievable?


500 additional subscribers in 6 months would mean approximately 83 subscribers per month, or 3 per day.

It’s very possible, if

  • Content and marketing are consistent, forceful and incredibly active.
  • You are commenting on issues across the web,
  • Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc
  • Writing guest blog posts
  • And ABOVE ALL, offering an incredibly attractive product


Ask yourself; is this goal even important? Is it worthwhile? Is it significant in the grand scheme of things?

With assessing relevance of the goal I consider several things, including, 1) my aims in writing this blog, 2) my other goals and 3) the underlying benefit to be derived if this goal is met.

  1. A major part of why I blog is simply to continuously hone my skills as a writer. Discipline is critical in developing talent. “What better to do to ensure I am always honing my skills?”
  2. I think community is a critical part of the web experience today and to have a blog with a limited number of subscribers will most likely mean having a blog without community. That’s just not good enough.
  3. Additionally, the growth and development of my blog is a critical part of my personal platform and marketability as a writer and web content developer. A noted, known and credible blog says to the people I want to reach: “this guy has a track record.”

The goal of writing 100 articles and attracting 500 additional subscribers in 6 months is incredibly relevant for me.

Time Bound

Ask yourself; When will this start, how long will it go, when will it end?

Well, clearly “6 months” is the context and so this element has been satisfied. (Well, except the start date).

Well, what do you think? Am I in over my head? Do you want to see Maximize My Life grow, expand and have a vibrant community?

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