All The Horrible Things That Happened


That is the start, the middle and the honest sum of it. It all happened. It all did in fact occur.

The night was black, the heart was cold, the pain was real, the force was fierce, the words were spoken, the tears did fall, the pain was felt and none of it can ever be denied.

What makes it even worst is not simply that it happened. It’s that it ALL happened. It ALL occurred. It ALL took place. Let us just agree that every last bit of detail you wish to be an exaggeration, is not.

Ok, so now what?

Does that black night now lay an injunction against all future light? Does that heart once chilled inflict permanent cardiovascular frigidity?

My friend, happened occurred yesterday. Happened is past. Happened, as horrible as all the things were, as horrible as the effects may be, is not eternal.

What’s more, all the horrible things that happened were simply that – “the horrible things that happened.” Do you not realize that the most horrible thing that could happened is if you begin (or continue!) to live as though all the horrible things that happened is ALL that has ever happened.

Do yourself (and the world) a favour – leave the land of “Happened” with its inhibiting energy and go Maximize Your Life.

Still stuck on yesterday?





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