8 Ways You Are Making Lasting Impressions Online

We are constantly making impressions on others and those impressions often affect how they react to us. If you are serious about the impact you make then you cannot afford to take the impressions you make for granted.

by Emilie Ogez

Social media is one area in which we are constantly making impressions today. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – you name it. We are cross more paths, in more places than ever before and whether we like it or not, people are forming their opinions of us.

What is Your Social Media Usage Saying About You?

I have listed below what I believe are the 8 areas that contribute most significantly to the impressions we make online. I encourage you to consider for yourself:

1) what exactly is the impression you want to leave with people who meet you online, and

2) how the way you currently use social media is affecting that goal.

Double entendre maybe? What Gtalk says when you are away.

Ways You Make Impressions Online

1. Your “About”

How many times have you added someone on Facebook and go straight to their “About” or “Info” section? Even on this blog – my “About” section is one of my top read pages. People are curious to find out who you are, what you do, where did you attend school, what are your favourite movies and songs.

 2. Your Images

This section is probably the most important of all – “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Additionally, so many people, many you probably do not know very well, will spend hours combing every detail in your albums.

 3. Your Announcements

What do you declare to the world about yourself and others? Do you even recognize that all your announcements are political, sexually suggestive, full of satire, or just always give give too much information?

 4. Your Language

Does it make a difference if you write, or speak in standard English? What about expletives? Clearly if you are using your social media platform for professional purposes you will try to leave out the “Yo Dwagg” and “Hey Cat” and “The Bee” and “That’s Bull” all other ‘inappropriate’ animal references.

 5. Your Associations

There are a gazillion groups on Facebook that you would probably be better off staying away from. Think about it – there are groups for Nazis, Bloods Gang members and the list goes on.

 6. Your Endorsements

I’ll never forget how I had to “unlike” The Jolly Boys on Facebook, after noticing that the notification that was published said:

“Andrew Wildes likes Jolly Boys.”

No sir. Now that is a humorous example, but think of all the things you “like,” “share,” “recommend” and post to your wall as you browse the web.

 7. Your Interaction

If you haven’t gotten the memo as yet, it’s pretty wired to ignore a person when you see them at school, work or wherever and then to go home and add them on Facebook.

What about online flirting, initiating conversations with people with whom you have no connections and other activities?

 8. Your Usage

How much do you use social media? There are people who post constantly, almost 24 hours a day. What does the amount of time you spend online or the frequency with which you post say about you?

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