6 Needs A Man Has That She’s Totally Clueless About (Girl 15 of 15)

You hear ladies say it time and time again, “He just doesn’t know how to treat me like a lady.” Couched in that statement is that idea that there is a particular way that a woman, a girl – a special girl – should be treated.

Well ladies, the same is true in relation to men.

When a man is asked, “How do you feel about her?” The “ahhhhm,” “she’s…alright,” “she’s pretty…I give her that” – is often just men’s inarticulate way of saying “I just don’t know if she gets me…understands what I need…how to treat a man.”

What You Need To Know

Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t animated stone columns walking around. We have feelings that matter tremendously. Here are 5 of our major needs:

1. A man needs admiration and respect.

King of the Jungle | by dan_alive

I don’t think it can be said enough how easily a man’s ego may be broken. Relentless criticisms, constant reminders of inadequacies and projected failures kill a man inside – especially when he already feels inadequate.

 2. A man needs close companionship.

Best Friends 🙂 | by Yug_and_her

There are some things that a man honestly wants desperately to share but just can’t share with his male friends – not to the depths that he can and will easily share to a woman.

Also, male friends get girlfriends and wives. They have their own issues. They can’t afford to care as deeply. For these reasons a man treasures close companionship.

 3. A man needs your support.

This time You are the green bird | by Little Box

From boyhood the most special girl to a man is his mom. If you think about it, she is an endless source of support. A permanent cheerleader. Every small, medium or major event I still call my mom. She even reads my blog and sends her reviews.

Support is critical. We love when you help us prepare, then show up at our events, then cheer from the sidelines, and then celebrate our victories or just sit beside us in silence when we fail.

 4. A man needs the freedom to pursue his own interests, by himself.

His own interest most likely: Sports or Business. You cannot replace this and you really shouldn’t get in the way either. Do support, do quietly observe, and do participate where possible.

Freeedoom!! | by abnelphoto.com

Do not interfere, do not ask a million questions during the actual event, and please do not interpret us allowing you to participate to mean that you have equal rights to the volume (or anything else in how it is executed).

5. A man needs to be treated gently sometimes, especially when he is sick.

Poor Guy | by seanmasn

 “Fifty percent of men admitted to upgrading a common cold to the flu and describing headaches as migraines to get maximum sympathy, according to recent research commissioned by Engage Mutual, a mutual fund company in England.”  Examiner.com
One of the most significant needs of a man is gentle treatment sometimes – to not always be roughed up, and treated “like a man,” but to be cared for.

 6. A man has other needs…

Which I advise you all go ask your parents or a very happy old married couple about.

That's All I'm Saying! | by Son of Groucho

Notice What I Didn’t Say?

Notice I didn’t say “A man needs you to cook, wash and clean?”

My audience includes mainly modern young professionals who will almost invariably end up in relationships where both man and woman work.

For me personally, I think where there is admiration, respect, close companionship, support, the freedom to pursue my own interests, general tenderness and a lot of those other things you will ask your parents about, I would have no problem splitting all household duties down the middle.

Get to know each other.  

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9 thoughts on “6 Needs A Man Has That She’s Totally Clueless About (Girl 15 of 15)”

  1. Very good bro. This one elicits a smile as all the pictures are just so funny, esp the little birdy one, the sick green man, and the hear no evil, speak no evil one.  funny!

  2. I thought this was really wonderful! I wish there was  a little booklet I could carry around to remind myself to stop being so dang crazy. I’m new to your blog and can’t wait to see what you write about next!


  3. Seeing that I am one of those who gave you a lot of trouble about this blog, it would be unthinkable for me not to comment on this post. Sorry for the late review but I left my laptop in Kingston…..

    Anyhow, I think this is a warm way to end the series, and yes, my thoughts on men is that its hard for them to love but when they do love they love hard. That is why, despite the tough exterior women need to realise that men are like marshmellows on the inside. Lol, ok well not marshmellows for those who might be insulted, more like, cream filling!

    Thanks for sharing with us Andrew!

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