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New Series: Why & How You Should Create A Lifelong Passion for Fitness!

TV, movies, billboards and newspaper ads basically teach us that health consciousness is something for the glamorous, rich, superficial and model-like people of the world. When normal people exercise – its abnormal. The idea is so pervasive that many of us (normal looking, busy and broke people) don’t recognize how critical fit, healthy bodies are to a happy life.

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For the next couple weeks, I want to help some of you come to grips with WHY YOU SHOULD care a bit more about your body and HOW YOU SHOULD go about doing so.

Why this Series?

I know many of my readers personally. You are busy, hardworking, long-night studying, very little time to cook and eat properly kinds of people. Additionally:

  • Many of you (especially some ladies) just don’t find “fitness stuff” interesting
  • Many of you believe exercise has only cosmetic value (just for how you look).
  • Many of you think fitness is important but do not see yourself as “exercise people.”
  • Many of you have no clue about any form of exercise or diets and find the whole fitness world too confusing to navigate.
  • Many of you have given up on fitness for whatever reason. It’s just too hard. Physical disabilities.

Many of those thoughts are myths and to the degree that they keep you from not caring about the body you have to live in, they are your enemies.

What Will the Series Entail?

Over the next few weeks I will write articles highlighting:

1. Some Successful, Influential People that Exercise and Their Reasons

You would be amazed at who this list includes, how they got started, what they do, how often they do it, the sacrifices they make and why.

2. The Most Compelling Reasons Not To Exercise

There are reasons not to exercise. We will go through them and then you can decide.

3. The Biggest Benefits of Fitness – Why You Are Selling Yourself Short

I will show you how a healthy body can affect how much money you make, how you feel about yourself, your relationships, your ability to sleep and study and even your Christian life.

4. For the Absolute Newbie – Easiest Ways to Get Started?

Ok, now we get more practical, and personal. Are you ready?!

5. How to Protect Yourself and What You Should Protect Yourself From.

This is critical, from activities, to popular sentiments, to places to people. There are a million ways to mess up your body permanently.

Also: Fitness Considerations and Resources for Men, Fitness Considerations and Resources for Women, To Gym or Not to Gym – What are the best options

 Making It Last

by brianjmatis

The aim is definitely not simply to have you lose some weight, or gain some extra knowledge. I really care passionately about helping you grow, develop, understand and apply what is shared here.

To help you practically, I will be offering an accountability program. That’s right, when we reach the Getting Started stage, I will invite you to share with me your Fitness Goals, and plans and I will be your training partner (kinda). More on this when we get there.

Series starts Wednesday and I’ll be posting every other day, as usual.

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