by SomeDriftwood

Change Is In the Air

Can you smell it? Can you sense it? Can you see it?

by SomeDriftwood

Today is an election day in Jamaica. Somebody is going to experience a change. Somebody is going to end up with some result they don’t like.

One way or another, like it or not, there will be changes.

Let’s Talk About You

363 of 365 days have already passed in 2011. It’s almost the last day of the year.

If God permits it, in just two more days a brand spanking new year will be here.

Are you ready?

Is your mind even “there” yet?

Do you have any feeling at all to the impending “New Year?” Should you?

Will the new year bring changes that you need to prepare for?

Will you be making any changes in this new season of change?

I’m trying to work through these questions myself.

Please, let me know what you come up with.

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Talk about CHANGE. The governing Jamaica Labor Party was voted out of power by the opposition People’s National Party in storybook style.

  • It was the first time since Jamaican’s received adult¬†suffrage¬†since 1944 that a governing party was voted out of power after only one term in office.
  • The new Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller became the first elected female Prime Minister in Jamaican history.

One thought on “Change Is In the Air”

  1. I nearly had a panic attack! But today I woke up and decided that it’s time to get a grip and make every day of this (already getting old) new year count! Best Wishes to you!

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