WARNING: Dreamers Never Win…unless.

Have your goals, aspirations and dreams been translating themselves into real life experiences? Could it be because its not the job of your goals to translate themselves into reality?

The aim of Maximize My Life is to challenge and empower you to invest in things that will add significant value to your life and the lives of those around you. It is my duty to tell you therefore that the best way to invest in things that add no value to either yourself or anyone you know is to have goals you never plan for.

A word about goals

You are right in thinking that just having some dreams and goals in mind is far better than not having either. There are people who are just going – you know a few. At least you want to go somewhere right? Wrong.

  1. Goals setting is a fun way to waste time

Why do you think we love window shopping, fashion channels, viewing the latest cars and reading about the 1000 places to go before we die?

There are few things as exciting as the idea of a bright blissful future. Dreams, even dreams that are translated into goals, are major time are fun to think up and aim towards. If that’s all you are doing, you are not doing much.

  1. “Goals setting” can be wickedly deceptive

Goals when set, give the illusion that they are somehow more than random dreams. Say for example, you are watching TV and you see the new BMW x5 Advanced Diesel advertised and you say to yourself, like I did, “I want one of those.” Let’s say you go further and say, “I want one of those by the time I am 30.”

You may think you have rock solid thing in your mind, but until you come up with a S.M.A.R.T  plan to get that BMW by 30, you are no better than the boys on the corner who want every vehicle that zooms by them.

How do we WIN?

I am eager to see spectacular dreams come to life in my own life and yours. That is why I have been grappling with this issue of dreams, goals and the importance of planning in the life of winners – Maximizers.

As a result I have created a new series on how we can use proper planning to scale the fence of arbitrary goal setting into world of real productivity and achievement.

You can look out for the following posts under this series:

  1. A new way to live.

Most of us only give real thought to what we call “the big things” like education and work. In this article I want to show you how adopting an approach of consciously planning how to achieve every goal, in every area of your life, will significantly improve your life.

  1. 5 tips for making absolutely life changing plans.

Planning may not be as hard as you think if you approach it correctly. There are some pitfalls though that you need to be aware of. This post will address those issues.

  1. My TOP 6 Plans for the next 6 Months!

Well, how better to communicate the effectiveness of planning than by letting you into my own life, just a bit. Plans help me to put all my goals, simply and spectacular, personal or related to my community, into a realistic context. I will share a few.

  1. How SMART are my blog goals?

We will evaluate the plan behind one of my goals together. In this post I ask some critical questions that you may adapt when making your own plans.

Are you excited about this series? What do you think about goals and dreams and why is so hard to bring them to life?

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