Oh No! She Killed Joy.

Do Guys Think You Are An Emotional Burden? (Test Your Yourself) (Girl 5)

Just think of the sun baked chameleon played by Johnny Depp as he made his way across the desert in the opening scenes of the movie Rango.

Like the sun in an endless dessert saps all the life and energy from everything in sight, so this girl uses the commanding rays of her unstable emotions to kill all the pleasure and excitement inside a man’s life.

You are almost certainly a Kill-Joy if you are:

1.  Whiney-Whiney

Zzzzzzzz…Like a fly in the ear in the night when you want to sleep.

She always has something to complain about. Something is always in her water, the sun is always on her face, her work is always just too hard – she can have 10 of the world’s best mattresses and still find discomfort like the Princess and the pea.

 2.  A Tortured Soul

I kid you not, every day in her life a crisis occurs.

When it’s not her car, or the police, or the girl in corner, or her cousins – it’s the teacher who out of a class of 10,000 just happens to hate you of all people.

Can anybody be so perpetually unlucky?

 3.  A Guilt Tripper (Manipulative)  

You know her? Every sentence starts with, “well if you loved me you would…”

“Well if you loved me you would call more.”

 4. Super Clingy

She’s the type to call you 15 times within the hour and say “I just wanted to hear your voice again” or “are you sure that you really like me? Why don’t you call more?”

She’s always depressed no matter how much you explain to her that as much as you would love to, the university just won’t allow you to text her during your exams.

5.  Consistently Ungrateful

Well you can’t complain about everything and give thanks, no can you.

You’re out studying late one night, she gets hungry and though the KFC is 5 miles away, you drive to pick up her favourite snack. 5 miles and back and as soon as you return all you hear is:

“Why’d you take so long? I nearly starved, jeez. If I had know you would’ve taken so long I never would have asked you.”

6.  A Record-Keeper

She keeps a journal of offences. Forget those who actually called – she remembers every person who DID NOT call on her birthday.

Why We Find You Unbearable:

Oh No! She Killed Joy.

1.  Nobody wants to hear about your problems all day, every single day when:

i.        often they are not even real problems,

ii.        there are so many people with much worse problems than you,

iii.        you have so much to give God thanks for – and;

iv.        we have problems too!

Can you just get over yourself sometimes?

2.  You make the whole world seem blue.

My Blue World :(

Don’t you recognize that negativity is pervasive – it travels, it seeps through an entire room? Because of how negative you are, we start to see the world negative.

Every day is blue now when they – at least some of them – used to be bright.

3.  You have a horrible effect on how we relate to others:

To cope with you your constant negativity, we’ve had to make ourselves harder. We have had to suppress our empathy. Now, everybody around me is starting to suffer. That’s not good.

Also, all our friends and family hate having you around – they just can never afford to accommodate you.

So what do you think? Do you pass or fail? I’m eager to know what you think – please leave a COMMENT. 

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11 thoughts on “Do Guys Think You Are An Emotional Burden? (Test Your Yourself) (Girl 5)”

  1. Lol Andrew. No man, no guilt. I just found Garvin’s statement amusing, if someone’s complaining about Monday to that degree, then they have some serious issues and need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

    I agree with all your points, don’t think anyone of them were exaggerations. Even as a female, I can’t stand to be around females (and even males) like that…I can only take them in small doses for it’s really draining. The thing is that females who tend to be like that are often enabled by those around them (family, friends, significant other), so they keep on behaving in such a manner when what they really need is a wake up call (to put it mildly).

    1. Lol. Ok Ebiakpo-aboere, I get you. Yea, I think so far this type has been the one most readers seem to have no disagreement over. What I want to know is – what does that mean? Does that mean that this type is so common that nobody feels compelled to deny or defend them (like some were trying to do with the boring girl)?

      1. I guess it is safe to say that a lot of people have had the unfortunate experience of being in the company of such a female, even if it is just on the friendship level. The reality is people generally have little patience for someone (whether female or male) who seemingly wants all the attention for themself and a female who is an emotional burden depicts such.

        No one wants a kill-joy around them. For no matter how hard life is, people generally want something to look forward to and someone who is an emotional burden robs one of that hope.

        “She’s always depressed no matter how much you explain to her that as much as you would love to, the university just won’t allow you to text her during your exams.”

        Lol…I actually laughed out when reading that line and it earned me a weird look from my co-worker…the things you come up with…

  2. Are ppl really link this out there… UGH! i wudnt even want them as a friend… ugh! everyone loves the chirpy girl.. bc she brightens days :) so.. y wudnt a guy want his day brightened for his entire lifetime :)!…

  3. Funny enough, I don't know any 'Girl 5' but a guy I once knew kept coming to mind as I read the article…he wasn't fun either.
    The picture captioned: "Oh No! She Killed Joy." was an excellent touch

    1. Glad you liked it Demi. It can be such a hassle finding appropriate pictures sometimes, but as soon as I saw this one, I just loved it for the topic.
      Don\’t worry too much about any resemblance your friend bears with this girl, I am sure that with God and diligence she can change whatever she sets her mind to.
      This is your first comment on the site by the way…right? Well, welcome and I\’m glad that you\’re participating and enriching the discussion.

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