I Changed My Username On Twitter

My UBER COOL Twitter page!

Hey Maximizers, big announcement: I have changed my Twitter username to @AndrewWildes.

I wanted something plainer and more easily identifiable than what I had before. My old username, @wild876 just started to sound like some young pornstar's call sign. I decided that if I am going to be serious about interacting with people from all across the world through the internet, I need to sound legitimate and not like a raunchy springbreak video marketer.

New Opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity for you to start following me on Twitter, if you are not already doing so.

I try to post there throughout the day, most days. I don't have the freedom to do that on the blog as blog posts are generally lengthy and take a long time to write.

Twitter is great for interaction.

It is a very good way for you and I to interact. If you follow me (and I you), you may direct message me and I you. So that is a plus.

It is also a very good way for you to interact with other readers here at Maximize My Life. The more connections you make with others who share your resolutions, the greater your chance of success.

Are you on twitter? Let me know where you are and how you are maximizing your life.

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About Andrew
I challenge people to invest in pursuits that will add lasting value to their lives and the lives of their community. I am a law student and a journalist.

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  1. Yes whitey (whidey)… bout young porn stars call name.. lol

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